Hiromi's Trip to Thailand – Episode 1:
Making a Phone Call

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Hiromi is a nursing student in Japan. Mark, from Australia, is her friend. They are not “together”, they are just friends. In this episode, Mark’s phone rings.

1. Making a Phone Call

Mark: Hello, (this is) Mark speaking.
Hiromi: Hello, Mark. This is Hiromi.
Mark: Hi, Hiromi. How are you?
Hiromi: I’m pretty good. How about you?
Mark: I’m ok. Where are you now?
Hiromi: I’m near Sanjo Bridge. Where are you?
Mark: I’m on the corner of Shijo and Karasuma. I’m going to the bank. What are you doing?
Hiromi: I’m just doing some shopping. Do you want to meet for coffee?
Mark: Yes. That’s a good idea.. Where shall we meet?
Hiromi: Let’s meet at Doutor?
Mark: What’s that?
Hiromi: You know! It’s the big coffee shop near Shijo Bridge.
Mark: Oh, yeah, I remember. When shall we meet?
Hiromi: I’ll meet you in twenty minutes. Is that ok?
Mark: No, I need more time. How about I meet you in half an hour?
Hiromi: Ok. What time is it now?
Mark: It’s two fifteen.
Hiromi: Ok. I’ll see you in Doutor at two forty-five.
Mark: All right…Oh, what floor will you be on?
Hiromi: Let’s meet on the third floor. It’s the non-smoking floor.
Mark: Great! I can’t stand cigarette smoke!
Hiromi: I know.

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Credits: written by Mark White; voices by Mark White and Hiromi Campbell.

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Making a Phone Call”

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  1. MUHAMMED says:

    it was a good conversation. but i need in an AMERICAN ACCENT

  2. Zakaria says:

    It’s really great and easy way to improve my english skills I appreciate you,

  3. Aballah Ahmed Bahassan says:

    thanks for all things

  4. Mohammad Tariq says:

    Nice I like it……….

  5. Melanio Coronado says:

    it’s a good exercise to learn greetings by telephone

  6. Firoza says:

    Hello,Fatma!I have the same problem.I can read and write in English,but my speaking not fluent also, maybe we need more practice.Let’s talk English via Skype and help each other to improve our English!my Skype ID:ImanF77

  7. Sufyan Tsauri says:

    well done, love this page 😀

  8. tayseng says:

    thank you very much for this interesting piece

  9. claribeth says:

    thank so much for this coversation

  10. fatma says:

    I’ve written a comment and you don’t reply.

  11. fatma says:

    thank you very much,Mark White and Hiromi Campbellfor your great effort.
    I’m Egyptian, I know all English grammar and a lot of vocabulary but I’d like to speak fluent English , What’s your advice? What can i do? Please help me .
    I’m looking forward to replying.
    bye, fatma

  12. hiba t_ala khribi says:

    Yes, ii’s a helpful conversation to know Austalian accent. and i’m so glad to know how to make suggestions, and how to make questions.Actually it’s easy.

  13. phamthai says:

    thank so much for this coversation

  14. cuong says:

    Thank you.This is a good coversation. I can follow it.I like conversation course.

  15. Patricio says:

    Thanks for your help..
    your page is helpfull in my class…

  16. Thi Nguyen says:

    Please email me if you know any materials that can help? Thanks.

  17. Thi Nguyen says:

    I think this page is great, your conversations help my students a lot in improving their conmmunication skills.
    Anyway, I’m looking for books and conversations between air ticket agents and customers. Do you know any sites or books that con help?
    Many thanks.

  18. mark says:

    I was born in Brisbane and left when I was one. Dad was a shearer and took us out west to Blackall and later Mt Isa so I guess my accent is basicaly rural working class Australian.

    Some have said I have a Queensland accent but I do nto think there are really state accents in Australia. It is more a broad country accent and a broad city accent with of course some variation for social class but I do not think these subtleties are detected by most, at least by most EFL learners.

    We could post the same dialogue with different speakers using different accents which would be a good way to tune our students in„ÄÄto varieties of English and to raise the flag of English as an international neutral medium of communication rather than the vehicle of any imperialistic notion of US or Brit, or any other culture. „ÄÄ

  19. apc33 says:

    Thanks Bee. We plan to have lots of fun here. Stay tuned.

  20. Bee says:

    This sounds really nice and the page looks great as well. Congrats!

  21. apc33 says:

    That’s quite an Australian accent you got there Mark? Tell us where you are from.


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