Hiromi's Trip to Thailand – Episode 1:
Making a Phone Call

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Hiromi is a nursing student in Japan. Mark, from Australia, is her friend. They are not “together”, they are just friends. In this episode, Mark’s phone rings.

1. Making a Phone Call

Mark: Hello, (this is) Mark speaking.
Hiromi: Hello, Mark. This is Hiromi.
Mark: Hi, Hiromi. How are you?
Hiromi: I’m pretty good. How about you?
Mark: I’m ok. Where are you now?
Hiromi: I’m near Sanjo Bridge. Where are you?
Mark: I’m on the corner of Shijo and Karasuma. I’m going to the bank. What are you doing?
Hiromi: I’m just doing some shopping. Do you want to meet for coffee?
Mark: Yes. That’s a good idea.. Where shall we meet?
Hiromi: Let’s meet at Doutor?
Mark: What’s that?
Hiromi: You know! It’s the big coffee shop near Shijo Bridge.
Mark: Oh, yeah, I remember. When shall we meet?
Hiromi: I’ll meet you in twenty minutes. Is that ok?
Mark: No, I need more time. How about I meet you in half an hour?
Hiromi: Ok. What time is it now?
Mark: It’s two fifteen.
Hiromi: Ok. I’ll see you in Doutor at two forty-five.
Mark: All right…Oh, what floor will you be on?
Hiromi: Let’s meet on the third floor. It’s the non-smoking floor.
Mark: Great! I can’t stand cigarette smoke!
Hiromi: I know.

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Credits: written by Mark White; voices by Mark White and Hiromi Campbell.