Hiromi's Trip to Thailand – Episode 2:
Mark is Late

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Japanese Cafe
by Enesco

In this episode, Mark, staying true to form, shows up late at the cafe to meet Hiromi.

2. Mark is Late

Mark: Hi Hiromi, sorry I’m late.
Hiromi: That’s ok. Do you have a drink?
Mark: Not yet. What are you drinking?
Hiromi: Cafe Latte.
Mark: Do you want another one?
Hiromi: No thanks. I’m ok. Just get one for yourself.
Mark: Ok, I won’t be a moment.
Hiromi: Take your time. It’s nice here. The view is great.
Mark: What’s the latte like?
Hiromi: It’s great. I recommend it.
Mark: Ok. I’ll just go downstairs and get one.
Hiromi: See you in a minute.
Mark: See you in a bit.

Credits: written by Mark White; voices by Mark White and Hiromi Campbell; cafe ambient sound file cafe_girona by elmomo at Freesound.

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