Hiromi's Trip to Thailand – Episode 3:
Having a Cup of Coffee

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Kyoto Cafe
by Junku

In this episode, Mark questions Hiromi about her upcoming trip to Thailand over a cup of coffee at the cafe.

3. Having a Cup of Coffee

Mark: So, Hiromi, what’s new?
Hiromi: I’m going to go overseas.
Mark: Really, where are you going to go?
Hiromi: I’m going to go to Thailand.
Mark: Wow! That sounds exciting! When are you going to go?
Hiromi: Next month.
Mark: Is it your first time abroad?
Hiromi: Yes, it is I’m a bit nervous.
Mark: Don’t worry. Thailand is a very safe country. You’ll be ok.
Hiromi: What should I take?
Mark: Not much. Thailand is very cheap so you can buy whatever you need.
Hiromi: Should I take warm clothes? I don’t know what the weather is like now.
Mark: It’s always warm in Thailand so you don’t need winter clothes, but you should take a light coat. Sometimes the air-conditioning is very cold.
Hiromi: Ok. I’ll do that. Do I need a visa?
Mark: I don’t know. Australians don’t need a visa, but I’m not sure about Japanese. You should ring the embassy. Do you have your ticket yet?
Hiromi: Not yet. Do you know a good travel agent?
Mark: There are lots. Check the ads in the magazines. Shop around. Look for the cheapest fare. Do you want to go on a tour or travel independently?
Hiromi: I want to do everything by myself.
Mark: That’s a good idea. It’s cheaper that way. Who are you going to go with?
Hiromi: I’m going on my own.
Mark: You’re going alone! Great! You’re very brave!
Hiromi: Do you think I’ll be ok?
Mark: Of course! Don’t worry! Thailand is safe!
Credits: written by Mark White; voices by Mark White and Hiromi Campbell; cafe ambient sound file cafe_girona by elmomo at Freesound.

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