Hiromi’s Trip to Thailand – Episode 4: On the Flight

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4. On the Flight

Passenger: Where are you from?
Hiromi: I'm Japanese.
Passenger: I can see that. What part of Japan do you come from?
Hiromi: Originally I'm from Toyama, but I live in Kyoto now.
Passenger: I see. Where is Toyama?
Hiromi: It's on the Japan Sea coast. How about you? Where are you from?
Passenger: I come from Tennessee but I live in Shiga now. I'm studying pottery. What about you? What do you do in Kyoto?
Hiromi: I'm a nursing student. I'm studying to be a nurse.
Passenger: That's a very important job.
Hiromi: Yes, I hope I will be a good nurse, when I graduate.
Passenger: I'm sure you will. Are you going to Thailand now?
Hiromi: That's right. You too?
Passenger: No. I'm just going to be in transit in Bangkok Airport. I am flying to Auckland tonight.
Hiromi: Why are you going to New Zealand?
Passenger: I want to visit a pottery village in New Zealand. There are some very good potters in New Zealand. There is a lot of Japanese style pottery there too. Japan is very famous for pottery. Do you like pottery?
Credits: written by Mark White; voices by Hiromi Campbell and Aaron Campbell; airline cabin drone ambient sound file 'cabin.wav' from Aviation Sounds.

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