Hiromi's Trip to Thailand – Episode 5:
At the Immigration Counter

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At Immigration in Thailand
by ijac

5. At the Immigration Counter

Immigration Officer: Could I have your passport and arrival card, please?
Hiromi: Sure, here you are.
Immigration Officer: What’s the purpose of your visit?
Hiromi: Tourism. I just came to have a look around.
Immigration Officer: How long do you plan to stay?
Hiromi: I can only stay for ten days.
Immigration Officer: You don’t intend to work, do you?
Hiromi: No, I just want to travel around and see the sights.
Immigration Officer: Very good. Here you are. Enjoy your stay.
Hiromi: Thanks very much. Bye

Credits: written by Mark White; voices by Kullapart Ratphibull and Hiromi Campbell; airport ambient sound clipped from ‘newark.mp3’ by D. Jean Hester at Opsound. Visit Hester’s site.

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