Hiromi’s Trip to Thailand – Episode 6 :
At the Customs Counter

Download audio file (HiroThai6.mp3)

At Passport Control in Thailand
by ellecer

6. At the Customs Counter

Customs Officer: Which flight were you on?
Hiromi: The one from Osaka. I just arrived from Japan.
Customs Officer: Are these your bags?
Hiromi: Yes, they are. These are mine.
Customs Officer: Did you pack them yourself?
Hiromi: Yes, I did. I packed everything myself.
Customs Officer: Do you have anything to declare?
Hiromi: I’m sorry, I don’t understand. What do you mean?
Customs Officer: Are you carrying any drugs or weapons?
Hiromi: No, definitely not.
Customs Officer: Do you have any gifts for anybody?
Hiromi: No, I don’t know anybody in Thailand.
Customs Officer: What’s in this bag?
Hiromi: Just some clothes and personal effects, toiletries and stuff.
Customs Officer: Could you open this one please?
Hiromi: Sure.

Credits: written by Mark White; voices by Kullapart Ratphibull and Hiromi Campbell; airport ambient sound clipped from ‘newark.mp3’ by D. Jean Hester at Opsound. Visit Hester’s site.

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22 Responses to “Hiromi’s Trip to Thailand – Episode 6 :
At the Customs Counter”

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  1. VALBONA says:

    Thanks a lot !It is very helpful .I would like to listen to native speakers.I know that in real life we will be talking to native and not native people ,but to learn the proper English I would prefer to listen the proper English :). Sincerely, Valbona from Albania

  2. cafer says:

    hi to make english practise. deep_eyes_83@hotmail.com

  3. fahim says:

    my dear masters,I’d like to appriciate you for sending me so useful e mails .In my opinion it’s better to use only native speakers , because as you know pronunciation is really important, in any case I obey your method and rules of teaching thanks so much.

  4. Ozden says:

    In my opinion this is a great work. Thank you.
    Actually I couldn’t understand some words without reading; indeed this has been a useful practise for me.

  5. fatima alaoui says:

    Thanks a lot for this converstaion and I’m happy to receive such cours from you teacher

  6. Elif says:

    Hi. Everyone. I red yours mail now. Teach, you have a great students. Actually I want to yours student. ?f you want. I have to go to near my son. I have one son. He said to me. Mum please come together sleep. Please come. I will right back. PromiseI hope Idon’t wrong write. See you than. Take care. All love. Elif

  7. Hi may teachers.
    first,i’m happy to be one of your students.
    I like this conversation and
    your way is great

  8. hamed says:

    tanks is so good for me

    i like this conversation and other things .

  9. Muna says:

    dear All,
    Many Thanks to be one of your student,this is very good please contineu .
    thanks allot

  10. Susana says:

    i like to listen both: native and non-native speakers. thank you

  11. hala says:

    Hi my friends,

    i like your way very much, but it’s better if the speaker is from native. and i thank you very much for sending emails.

  12. ahmed says:

    it’s great !
    all what i have to say is : great !!!!!
    thank you to add me for your students
    ahmed from algeria
    english teacher

  13. Nikola says:

    I have just started with this lessons and do believe it will be usefull

  14. serge says:

    Prononciation in English is so important, that a bad pronounciation could lead to misunderstanding and then confusion. In my opinion, the dialogues must be recorded only by English native speakers.
    The good point is that stories are interesting and the dialogues sounds natural.

  15. Rivo says:

    Dear all,

    At the first time I heard this audio I thought that both speakers are non-native speaker. Though I realized that some BrE accent showed up in the end (when saying “body”) of conversation. I’ve just known that there are native and non-native after reading apc33’s reply. And when I replayed the track, I can guess the native here is Kullapart Ratphibull, isn’t it?

    I really agree with this method, especially before telling who’s the native and who’s not. hehe.

    Thank you.

  16. Kévin says:


    I found the conversation very interesting. The accent is not a problem because , a learner should discover many kind of speaking. This is for me one of the solution to strenghten the understanding of any language.


  17. apc33 says:

    Hey Jeff…thanks so much for your feedback! Escellent suggestion, too. Actually, Mark and I considered that, but thought we’d try the actual accents of the characters for this series, which include both native and non-native accents. We figure that would approximate the actual experience of EFL/ESL learners closer than listening to native speakers alone, espeically now that English is such an international language.

    Do you have a site? Are you a teacher?

    • LIGIA GALAZ says:

      Dear Srs:

      I think that it is good to listen non-native speakers, because in that way we can listen both native and non.native acccents in order to have various way of practicing though. Thanks for this kind of activities for many people aroun the world.

  18. Jeff says:

    I wonder if this might not be a better podcast if you only used native speakers for the conversations. While it might be useful for students to listen to various non-native accents, these could also be used for pronunciation practice, if you only used native speakers.

    Other than that, great work! I wish you the best. Keep up the good work. I’m sure it will be appreaciate by many.

    • Tatiana says:

      Practising pronunciation is important, but it’s not a problem to find pod-casts and records for modelling it. For beginners who practise English mostly for travelling purpose with not native speakers it’s very helpful, too! Thanks a lot )


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