Hiromi's Trip to Thailand – Episode 6 :
At the Customs Counter

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At Passport Control in Thailand
by ellecer

6. At the Customs Counter

Customs Officer: Which flight were you on?
Hiromi: The one from Osaka. I just arrived from Japan.
Customs Officer: Are these your bags?
Hiromi: Yes, they are. These are mine.
Customs Officer: Did you pack them yourself?
Hiromi: Yes, I did. I packed everything myself.
Customs Officer: Do you have anything to declare?
Hiromi: I'm sorry, I don't understand. What do you mean?
Customs Officer: Are you carrying any drugs or weapons?
Hiromi: No, definitely not.
Customs Officer: Do you have any gifts for anybody?
Hiromi: No, I don't know anybody in Thailand.
Customs Officer: What's in this bag?
Hiromi: Just some clothes and personal effects, toiletries and stuff.
Customs Officer: Could you open this one please?
Hiromi: Sure.

Credits: written by Mark White; voices by Kullapart Ratphibull and Hiromi Campbell; airport ambient sound clipped from 'newark.mp3' by D. Jean Hester at Opsound. Visit Hester's site.