The Big Dream, Part 1

Download audio file (BigDream1.mp3)

The Graveyard

This is a recording of Part 1 of the interactive story, The Big Dream, and is meant to be an example of what a guided story might sound like when two people engage with it in a classroom setting.

The Big Dream roughly follows the plot of the Charles Dickens story Great Expectations. It adapts it to a Japanese setting and tells the story of a young Japanese orphan who grows up and leaves his country home for the city and later New York City, where he finally meets the mysterious benefactor who has influenced his life so much.

Download the text for all 13 episodes.

Credits: Voices by Mark White and Hiromi Campbell

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18 Responses to “The Big Dream, Part 1”

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  1. bulgu says:

    It Was a very interesting story and little bit scary

  2. chiara says:

    hi, i’m an argentinian teen and i’m looking for some conversations to upload in my ipod so that I can hear them while i’m in the gym or just walking. I think it is very interesting, I really like english and i have a good level.
    the thing is that i’m not sure i can download them to my computer, can I? thanks! And congratulations for the work.

  3. manina says:

    thanks a lotfor every thing and really i’ll be very happy to be your thank u thank nu and thank you.

  4. ATREL says:

    i love this story tomuch, how can i download the listenig for all the episodes? please help me.

  5. Sema Bolat says:

    the boy thinks about his father and mother and the school and the escaped prisoner and he is very happy? i think he is a bit optimistic:)

  6. hamse ali says:

    thank u aaron for being my new own teacher iam really very joyfull to have u becouse a native one is able to teach english so u will be unforgetable teach

  7. hamse ali says:

    iam and will be also used to be an english student for about two or three years and still iam having a mass trouble with english words so iam asking for cultivated people to give and show me a way of getting this promlem

  8. ~H!nD~ says:

    Nice story ..

  9. farah says:

    Hi. Thank you for help to me

  10. Ahmedegypt says:

    This is a very helpful way to teach and learn English with the right way. Thanks alot for such this marvelious materaial.

  11. Grissela says:

    Thanks for your site, it is very useful for me. I want to ask, if the other chapters of Big Dream, are there audio too?

    Grissela, from Mexico

  12. Grissela says:

    Thanks for your site, it is very useful for me. I want to ask you if the other chapter of Big Dream, are there audio too?

    Grissela from Mexico.

  13. Mustafa KHan says:

    Hi Mr. Mark,

    It is very good effort for Beginners. Kindly send me remaining stories of Big Dream.


    Mustafa Khan

  14. Aramis K. Vidaurre says:

    Thanks a lot for this material. It is very interesting for academic purposes. Even for myself who has beeen studying the language for years, it is necessary for learning vocabulary and other structures.

    Aramis K.

  15. Uncle Irv says:

    Hi Rosemary,
    Let me know how it turns out. Depending on which story you use you will notice details like Asian geographical knowledge that might not be as well-known in one place as in another. That need not be a problem though as any opportunity to engage the student can be turned into a meaningful interaction where language learning is taking place even if you/they are “bagging” the text because it has factual errors or seems silly for whatever reason.
    I am looking forward to hearing how your French learners interact with the stories.

  16. Rosemary Barrios says:

    Hi Mark,
    I live in France and teach English to young adults. I have been checking out your site for some time now and have decided to give your interactive stories a try…. It sounds so interesting. I have just listened to your interview and since you’d like some feedback, I thought I’d write you and let you know. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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