Hiromi’s Trip to Thailand – Episode 7:
A First Time Meeting

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Outside the Airport in Bangkok
by zitakat

7. A First Time Meeting

Beth: Excuse me, are you going to Khaosan Road?
Hiromi: Yes, I am. How did you know?
Beth: Most travellers stay on Khaosan Road. There are lots of cheap hotels there.
Hiromi: Are you going there too?
Beth: Yes, I am. Do you want to share a taxi?
Hiromi: That’s a good idea. It will be cheaper if we share.
Beth: My guidebook says that if we catch a taxi at the airport, it will be expensive, but if we walk to the road and catch a taxi, it will be cheaper.
Hiromi: I want to save money. Let’s walk to the highway and catch one there.
Beth: Ok. Let’s go.

Credits: written by Mark White; voices by Cherie Campbell and Hiromi Campbell; city street ambient sound clipped from street01.mp3 by schluppipuppie at The Freesound Project.

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A First Time Meeting”

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  1. shire says:

    A great web of learning. Thanks

  2. obeed says:

    mark just i want to see thanks fo this web.i’m really suprised when isee this web.

  3. Pennie Cotton says:


  4. Vie says:

    Sorry. That was an unfinished comment.
    I mean, catching taxi on a highway is usually prohibited. Even in South East Asian countries. In Indonesia, for example. So I’m not sure if it is allowed to catch a taxi on a Thai’s highway. But then again, this is just a conversation class. 🙂

  5. Vie says:

    Catching a taxi on a highway in Indonesia is prohibited.

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