Talking to an American Marine

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In this podcast, Mark White interviews Matt, a U.S. marine who is now stationed in Japan and who fought in the Battle of Baghdad.

Mark: Ok, Matt. I’m just sitting here talking to Matt. Matt’s a marine in the United States Marines and he was in the war in Iraq. Matt, how did you come to join the marines?
Matt : Well, Mark, I was just looking for something different, and it seemed like a good idea.
Mark: And how old were you when you joined?
Matt: I was twenty years old.
Mark: How long have you been in now?
Matt: Three years and ten months.
Mark: And you’re getting out soon and you want to go and study.
Matt: Correct.
Mark: What do you want to study?
Matt : I want to study American history.
Mark: Alright, ok. That’s interesting? You’re against the war. How many… um… how many people in the services are against the war, do you think, about what percent?
Matt: It’s tough to put a number on it, but it’s definitely higher than the public’s perception.
Mark: Would you say more than half?
Matt: Yes.
Mark: A lot more? I know it’s a hard question. I mean how can you know? You’ve got to talk to everybody.
Matt: About half, everyone has doubts about this war.
Mark: It’s a terrible thing war, isn’t it? Okay, thanks for talking to me mate. See you.
Matt: Have a good one.