Conversation with Daruma

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Eager Student: Daruma. Impart to me some wisdom concerning your portrait and its significance.
Daruma: …
Eager Student: Daurma. Why don’t you tell me about sumi-e, ink painting, now that I have rendered you in this style?
Daruma: …
Eager Student: Daruma, you look so wise with your long beard and grimace, certainly your years of meditation could shed some light on this fine art of which you were born.
Daruma: …
Eager Student: Well fine, whatever. Forget about it.
Daruma: Wait. Bad mood I am in. But your sentiments have me touched.
Eager Student: Yoda?
Daruma: No. Daruma. I am here the way of sumi-e to teach you.
Eager Student: Will I have the skills?
Daruma: Oh no, not yet young one, you won’t. Steady your brush you must. Not too much ink. The force of the brush you must feel. When you your stroke make, your inner character on the paper will appear. The portrait live it will.

Credits: written by Natalie Stanchfield, voices by Natalie Stanchfield and Aaron Campbell, background insect music by the Kinugasa Cricket Ensemble of Kyoto.