Japanese University Students talk to an American Teacher from Thailand

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Takashi: What is the most interesting Thai festival?
AJ: I think the most interesting Thai festival is Songkran, the Thai New Year, where they throw water on each other and paint, um, two, three, four days; usually in April. It’s great.
Katsuya: Please tell me about the climate in Thailand.
AJ: The Climate. Thailand has three seasons: the hot season, the rainy season, and the cool season. But really, it’s always hot.
Shunji: Do you like Thai food?
AJ: I love Thai food. Thai food is fantastic. It’s very good, usually spicy. Yes, Thailand has wonderful food.
Shota: What sports do you like?
AJ: My favorite Thai sport is Muay Thai, or Thai kickboxing. It’s very popular in Thailand. There are two large stadiums in Bangkok, and many, many people watch Thai fighting. It’s very popular. I like it a lot.
Katsuya: Do Thai people keep elephants around the household?
AJ: Most Thai people do not have elephants. Only special people, usually in the north and northeast part of Thailand, keep elephants. So, not normal people.
Tomomi: Have you ever ridden an elephant?
AJ: Yes, I have. I rode an elephant in the north part of Thailand. Many people go to the north and they ride elephants in the mountains and in the jungle. It’s very nice.
Chie: Where is the best place to dive in Thailand?
AJ: I think the best place to dive in Thailand, um, are the Surin and Similan islands. They are a national marine park – very, very beautiful. Incredible.
Yusuke: Is Japanese manga popular in Thailand?
AJ: Yes, Japanese manga are very, very popular. They translate from Japanese into Thai, and many Thai people like Japanese manga.
Takuma: What are some traditional Thai instruments?
AJ: I can’t remember the Thai name, but my favorite…there’s a xylophone and it’s very beautiful, very popular in Thailand.
Shunji: How many girls, girlfriends do you have?
AJ: Right now? Zero. No girlfriend.
Aaron: Are you crazy?
AJ: Yes, I am. Very crazy.

Credits: Questions by Takashi Morimoto, Katsuya Fujita, Shunji Okabe, Shota Ohama, Tomomi Naka, Chie Hama, Yusuke Katsuno, Takuma Yamaguchi, and Aaron Campbell. Answers by AJ Hoge.