Thai University Students talk to Japanese University Students

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by Richard Stamper at apc33

The following questions and answers were carried out between October and December of 2005. The Japanese students are from Kyoto Sangyo University, while Thai students are in the British and American Studies program at Thammasat University. The Japanese students wrote and sent their questions to the Thai students, who in turn answered them.

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Shunji: Who is the most famous person in Thailand?
Pum: Tata Young, I thought. She’s not only famous in Thailand but Asia too.
Shunji: I heard that Ronald McDonald joins his hands together in Thailand. Is it true?
Nut: Yes, you can see him at Radomen Road and in Central Plaza.
Katsuya: Is Muay Thai really popular or is it a myth?
Wow: Yes, it’s very popular but not in the young people. Sor Ploenchit is the famous one. You can see him fight at Lumpini Stadium.
Katsuya: How many days does it rain in one year in Thailand?
Ploy(2): In Thailand we have three seasons but actually we have just two because in the winter it is not very cold. So in the raining season we have almost one hundred days per year. So when it rains we will get wet and have a lot of traffic jam.
Asako: In terms of fashion, what is the most popular thing right now in Thailand?
Tangmo: It depends on each personality, but mostly we like colourful colour.
Asako: What kind of Japanese food is there in Thailand?
Koy: There are so many kinds of Japanese food in Thailand, such as sushi, takoyaki, green tea.
Chie: Do most Thai people like to eat Japanese food? If so, what do they like? If not, why not?
Nice: Yes, Japanese food very popular in Thailand, like we have sushi and ramen in here.
Chie: What kind of music do most young Thai people listen to?
Job: Well, mostly pop and pop rock because Thai youngster like to listen to love songs.
Katsuya: What kind of sports do most young Thai people play?
Arm: Soccer – you can see a lot of people play soccer during the break in school.
Asako: Do most Thai people like Chinese food?
Ohm: My answer is yes because some of us are inherited from the Chinese. Chinese and Thai have many things in common. For example, we also celebrate the same Chinese New Year.
Takuma: What is the most popular thing recently in Thailand?
Tong: Nowadays in Bangkok people are interesting about new modern technology like we want to have iPod and mobile.
Takuma: What is the population of Thailand?
May: There are about 65 million in Thailand and most people live in Bangkok because it is the capital city of Thailand.
Takuma: How many different types of Thai curry are there?
Ploy(1): We have many kind of curry but the most well-known are green curry – like chicken curry and fish ball curry – and red curry, which we call “Pa Neang.” And main ingredients are coconut milk, chicken, pork and herb.
Takuma: Do young Thai people know any Japanese musicians?
Pang: Yes, we know a lot, like Johnny’s Junior, Arashi, w-inds, and Utada Hikaru.
Takuma: Which do young Thai people eat more of: bread, rice, or noodles?
Blue: Rice is the main food for Thai people. Nowadays we eat more bread and more noodle.
Takashi: What is the most popular sport in Thailand?
Thip: Thai people like to watch soccer – mostly interested in Premier League, Bundesliga and Calcio Serie A and we like to play badminton too.
Chie: What do most Thai people eat when they are cold?
Vim: Thank you for question. In Thailand it’s not too cold in winter but some people love eating Tom Yam Kung on December and January.
Chie: Do most Thai people like to take photos? Why or why not?
Jenny: Most Thai people like to take photos because Thailand have many beautiful places and beautiful people – so that’s why we love to take photos.

Credits: The students of British and American Studies at Thammasat University and the EFL students at Kyoto Sangyo University. Facilitated by teachers Richard Stamper and A.J. Hoge of Thammasat University, and Aaron Campbell of Kyoto Sangyo University.