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Hi. My name is Ralph Mesquite. I am a biologist. I live at Ling Lodge in Brooklyn City. Ling Lodge is on Old River Road. It is a part of Mosquito City. The houses in Brooklyn do not have street numbers. They have names. The name of my building is Ling Lodge and the name of the building next to my building is Antarctica.

Ling Lodge is across the road from the Nature Reserve. I often go to the Nature Reserve. I am studying the plants there. In particular I am studying the Mosquito Rose. The Mosquito Rose is a giant red flower. It is an endangered species.

Sometimes I work at the Nature Reserve and sometimes I work at home and sometimes I drive in to my office at the university. Mosquito City has one university. I am a professor at the Mosquito City University. I am a biology professor.

I was born in Mosquito City and I have lived here most of my life. I am going to tell you a little about the city. Mosquito City is an independent country in the southern Pacific Ocean. The government of Mosquito City is an urban corporation and the city has a population of about three hundred and fifty thousand people.

Actually the urban corporation of Mosquito City consists of three separate entities. They are Mosquito City, Mount Sphinx and Brooklyn. As I said before, I live in Brooklyn but the university is in Mosquito City, near the river.

I like Brooklyn. It is an old whaling town. It has lots of colorful old buildings and a whaling museum and it has a modern port. There is also an airport in Brooklyn and there are lots of hotels and places to eat and drink. Brooklyn is more interesting than Mosquito City central.

Mount Sphinx is a nice place too. It is a quiet little village in the shadow of Mount Sphinx. People go there to hang out at the cafes and to climb Mount Sphinx. Tourists like to walk around the town and look at the old buildings. Mount Sphinx is a heritage village. All the buildings have mustard-colored walls and red roofs. It is illegal to destroy one of these traditional buildings and it is illegal to build a new building in another style. I like the style though. Mount Sphinx is a really nice place.

From Mount Sphinx you can take the bypass above and around the village. The bypass takes traffic directly to Brooklyn Port. the Government of Mosquito City built the bypass to carry trucks and other vehiclesright into the port and eliminate traffic problems in the inner city area of Mosquito City central.

The government of Mosquito City is located in the City Office. The current president is Zippie Van Hodoun. He used to be a male nurse but he became a politician four years ago. He wanted to save the Nature Reserve in Brooklyn. Some businessmen wanted to extend the airport and destroy the reserve but Zippie stopped them. He is a really good president. He really cares about the community. He cares about the environment too. He saved the Mosquito Rose. He is a very popular president.

If you want to know about me or Mosquito City, please write to me in the comments section of this post and I will answer your questions in a podcast.

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  1. I enjoy this story e I am reading the follow chapters about Mosquito City. francisco

  2. Angel says:

    Hi…Ralph mesquite
    my name angel from indonesian,and this my 1st time i read ur story… and same like the other i need to improve my english language, and i think ur site good for me.
    I confused about Mosquito City realy real or not…. ?
    Thanks & sorry if my english not good


  3. faith86 says:

    Good Afternoon to everyone! It’s a fantastic story! I’m Italian and this site helps me to improve my English, that is not so good, but I’m studying hard this beautiful language. Cheers from Italy ^___^

  4. Zahra says:

    Hi team of Mosquito City,

    Warm Wishes from Pakistan!

    I really enjoyed the story. Your efforts for us who are learning the language are remarkable. It is an interesting way to teach and learn. I really enjoyed and want to be with you people to learn more. One thing I would like to know that how I improve my writing. I hope you will also support in this matter too.
    Thanks again,



  5. Mark White says:

    Hey Mumdooh,

    I am glad you like the story. We will be posting some more episodes soon. I have had a long break from posting but am trying to get a post out every week now.

    Mosquito City Part 21 will be out in 24 days.

    cheers M

  6. Mumdooh Ahmed Khan (Sawati) says:

    Ralph Mesquite, How are you I am doing well very intresting stroy about the Mosquito city,i like to add some most n amzing thing about the name of this city I live in Karachi City of Pakistan, In the Karachi city two no,of places u will find one is a district n another is colony both have gotton the same name in urdu macher colony which mean”s that in english Mosquito colony hahahaha. I like “Mosquito” but not into any home.hahaha, I like this site there is alot of understandable english hahaha, thank”s n I opologize for my above said informal comments.

  7. recai özcan from derik ma says:


    ı had said that must be some difriend dialogues but
    ı havent seen any one so far

    thanks a lof for everyting

  8. Juan Carlos says:

    Hi , I am Juan Carlos from Mexico, I work in Reynosa but I born in Tuxpan, Veracruz, it is a port city close to the sea with beautiful beachs, so, about your essay of Mosquito City. Are there more species of Mosquitos, because you only mentioned about the Red Mosquito.
    Your city sounds like the dream of city that everybody wants to live, very interestings.

  9. recai özcan says:

    hi my name is recai.ı am from south of turkey.ı always follow your web-site but ı think we need new dialogues in your wb-site.thanks for your effort..

  10. recai ozcan says:

    thisis very nice web-site ı enjoyed.
    thank you very much for you all

  11. Mark White says:

    Mosquito City is a model educational city. It is a miniature version of a real city and it is used to help explain situations to students while teaching them.
    cheers M

  12. Bartolomeu Barros says:

    Hi, my name is Bartolomeu. I´m english student on Brazil. I want to know about Mosquito city and you. I understand english a litlle. congratulation!!!!

  13. S?°vyo dos Santos says:

    is Mosquito City a real place?

  14. ‚óèaLe‚óè says:

    ‚óè‚óè well i have to say Mosquito city is a very interesting place as you have said and well it’s an original name a really one and of course i also have to thank you for recording this description I’m trying to improve my listening and descrptions like this help me very much thank you again and good luck!=)‚óè‚óè

  15. abdulrahman says:

    HI, stuffers I like this story and also all the contents of this site. It helps me to improve my listening to english.
    Thanks for all what you did to us.

  16. Uncle Irv says:

    Hi Iam ka. Thanks for your comment. Mosquito City is about six hours from Hiong Kong by jet. There are direct flights once a week. There are a lot of cheap places to stay in Brooklyn near the airport but if you want to stay in a realy good hotel you should take a taxi to the Pedling Hotel on Main Street in Mosquito City central.

    click the link to see a picture of the hotel

  17. lam ka wing says:

    Mosquito city i never heard it but from your above essay ,it is very interesting and is a very good place .
    and very special on the old building and have a nature reserve, whaling museum , the sounds is very good and i want to go that place ha ha .

    i want to know that more information about the mosquito city..
    and from hong kong to mosquito city , how long the time been the city


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