Born in Virginia

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R.I.P. Fastblack
at vidalia

Mark met Tony in Bangkok. They talked and ate together.

Tony: Can I eat while I am talking?
Mark: Yeah, yeah yeah yeah..
Tony: You ever heard a black man talk and eat at the same time?…he he hee…well go on…
Mark: Where were you born? Where were you born and when? Like in what year?
Tony: I was born in 1946 in Virginia.
Mark: in Virginia?
Tony: Virginia.
Mark: Is that a city or a state?
Tony: That is a state.
Mark: That is a state. Right.
Tony: March the twenty-seventh, 1946
Mark: Wow.
Tony: A long time ago.
Mark: March the seventh?
Tony: March the twenty-seventh!
Mark: March the twenty-seventh, 1946.
Tony: 1946.
Mark: March the twenty-seventh, 1946.
Tony: Old man.
Mark: Old man.