Miyako's Education – Part 2

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Cute Japanese Girl
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Introducing Yumie.

John: Who is that?
Miyako: That’s my friend, Yumie. Hey, Yumie, come here!
Yumie: Hi Miyako.
Miyako: Hello. John, this is Yumie. Yumie, this is John.
Yumie: Nice to meet you.
John: Nice to meet you too. Where are you from?
Yumie: I’m from Hyogo prefecture. I’m from a little village. It’s called Nishiwaki. It’s in the mountains. Where are you from?
John: I’m Australian. I’m from Sydney.
Yumie: Are you a student here?
John: Yes, I am. I’m an overseas student.

Are you a Japanese girl?

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  1. hadi says:

    hi every bady here my name hadi i want to learn englis


  2. Adler says:

    I think this is a great page, the things you have here are the things I have been searching for many months or maybe years. Maybe I need to check a little better this site, because I don`t know if the dialogues are in order, I mean, to use them from simple present, present continuous, etc. I hope you understand what I mean. Thank you!

  3. Uncle Irv says:

    Thanks Wang Woo
    That is good advice.

    One of things about teaching English is that everything is expressed in language. Of course there will be opinions on this site that I disagree with and that you disagree with because our aim is to get the language out there regardless of the opinions.

    We really appreciate your feedback. Please keep watching us and give us advice where you think we need it.

    Happy new Year!


  4. apc33 says:

    That’s a good suggestion Wang. We’ll try to capture more conservative views, too. You are right, balanced and fair is a good thing.

  5. Wang Woo says:

    You are providing a very good service. If I were in your shoes, I would be careful not to politicize things too far one way or another… ensure that balanced opinions are shared, otherwise your site may begin to feel like propaganda. I trust you will be balanced.


  6. Uncle Irv says:

    Hi Abdi Fatah

    This site is full of lessons and and conversations.

    If you click on the i-pod icon at the start of each conversation, you can download the sound file. you can play it for yourself or in class for your students.

    You can get them to act out the conversation or ask them questions about the conversation or get them to adapt it to their own situations.

    Try it out. If you have any problems or if you have another question, please send us another message.

    cheers Mark

  7. Abdi Fatah says:

    can you please send me some lessons or conversations cos i’ma english learner


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