Miyako’s Education – Part 6

Download audio file (miyako6.mp3) at seaninjapan John: Oh, one orange juice and one hot coffee, please. Cashier: Go hyaku-en desu. John: Huh? I’m sorry. I don’t speak Japanese. How much is it? Cashier: Go hyaku en chodai. John: Do you speak English? I’m sorry. I don’t speak Japanese. I don’t […] Read more »

Chasing the Buck – An Incredible Animal Story

Download audio file (buck.mp3) at the_life_and_times_of_the_ Mark talks to Eric about an incredible animal experience. Note that the word ‘buck’ means ‘dollar‘ and also ‘male deer’. Eric: So I was in…I think it was Wakayama on this really really small gravel mountain road…exploring on my off-road little sports motorcycle… Mark: […] Read more »

Japanese Animals

Download audio file (japaneseanimals.mp3) at eesti Mark and Eric talk about wild animals in Japan. Mark: When you go on these motorcycle trips, do you see much wildlife? Eric: Well often I ride on my off-road bike. I ride fire-roads or logging type roads…very small gravel….roads and on these types […] Read more »

Miyako’s Education – Part 3

Download audio file (miyako3.mp3) at ichic Talking about Miyako’s Boyfriend Miyako: Yumie is really pretty. Do you like her? John: Yes, I do. She’s nice. Miyako: She’s really clever too. She’s intelligent and beautiful at the same time. John: You really like her. Is she your best friend? Miyako: No, […] Read more »