Miyako's Education – Part 6

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John: Oh, one orange juice and one hot coffee, please.
Cashier: Go hyaku-en desu.
John: Huh? I’m sorry. I don’t speak Japanese. How much is it?
Cashier: Go hyaku en chodai.
John: Do you speak English? I’m sorry. I don’t speak Japanese. I don’t understand.
Cashier: Five hundred yen, please.
John: Here you are.

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  1. yas says:

    I dont undrestand that what is application “here you are”.plz help me

  2. Lynn Guzzi says:

    “Here you are” is what you say as you are giving something to someone that they have asked for.

  3. Ng?c says:

    I like John’s expression 😀

  4. Nguy?n H?ng Quy says:


  5. Yaneth Ramirez says:

    Hi Shiva, do you speak spanish? Here you are is an expression that we use here in Mexico, for saying: “Aqui tienes” or either “aqui tiene”.

    This explication can sound a little rare, because my english level is not sufficient, but i hope that, this can help you a little.

  6. Shiva says:

    Any one explain Please ” Here you are”

  7. fahs says:

    eny one explaine this here u are

  8. Sijoy says:


  9. salwa says: