Easy English 3 – My name is Mark.

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My name is Mark.
My name’s Mark.
My name is Michael.
My name is Paul.
My name is Steven.
My name is Frank.
My name is Abdul.
My name is Pedro.
My name is Abhinav.
My name is Tex.
My name is Phillip.
My name is Hariman.
His name is Yuji.
Her name is Michiko.
His name is Ryosuke.
Her name is Aili.
His name is Tanaka.
Her name is Yamamoto
Their names are Tanaka and Yamamoto.
Their names are Steve and Paul.
Their names are Mary and Isabelle.
Their names are Jane and Betty.
Their names are Akiko and Michiko.
Their names are Mark and Aaron.

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  16. Ruben says:

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  17. Nancy says:

    Hey Ruben, baby, my name is Nancy. What’s your name? What are your children’s names?

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