Germans in Chile

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Kenni and Pedro talk with Mark and Be about South America.

: So, Kenni, are you from Santiago as well?
Kenni: Yes, I am from Chile, Santiago in Chile.
Mark: Uh-huh. Have you traveled in South America very much?
Kenni: Yes I think I have been in…in Argentina, Brazil…many times…I know a lot of people…very nice country, wonderful, yeah many hours in PeruParaguay, Costa Rica, Central America. I have been there…
Mark: Wow, I would like to go to Central America.
Kenni: Wow! It is so nice.
Mark: I have been to Canada and the United States but I have never been south of New Orleans.
Kenni: Wow! You missed Mexico.
Mark: …I have never been to the Spanish world. I went to Spain for a short time twenty years ago but I have never been to…
Kenni: No, it is so different.
Mark: …Latin America.
Kenni: Mexico, huge big amazing Maya culture then Guatamala…nice…you can see still…I have been there like, ten years ago…village people…Indians…wow…so nice…crafts…yeah…down in Costa Rica…wow…a lot of forest and jungle…wow…amazing lots of animals…
Mark: I was looking on the internet yesterday about who speaks which language. I was researching which language is the most…,who speaks the most…
Kenni: Mmm-m
Mark: …like I think the most is Chinese…and…the most people in the world speak Chinese and then I think it is Spanish is number two and then English and then Arabic and Portuguese came about number six…
Kenni: aah…
Mark: …and I read about half the people in South America speak Portuguese so…more people in South America speak Portuguese than Spanish. Some people in South America speak many other languages: Dutch, French, Indian languages, and I was very interested to read many people speak German. Have you met German people in South America?
Kenni: Yeah, yeah, yeah, we have a lot of German people in the south of our country. German communities and…because they…When did they arrive in our country?
Pedro: I dunno. One year we are living in India…
Kenni: Ha…ha yeah but…
Pedro: Yeah…many…many, many…
Kenni: You know the story about it…our president…he wanted to increase…He wanted to develop the region that was really not used at all…and they created a new law to receive families and…receive families and live in the south of our country and they got a lot of knowledge about how to…work the earth.
Pedro: …to work the earth.
Mark: …agriculture…right…ok.
Pedro: …because in Chile the president at this moment thinks aah we need to develop all this country … because it is all nature…it is all forest…the Spanish went to the south of Chile because the north was more desert…
Mark: Uh-huh.
Pedro: But more and more (there was) more and nature, no..and when the Spanish came..when the Spanish came…they connected with some group of people…the…(?)
Mark: Native, indigenous people?
Kenni: Yeah.
Pedro: …indigenous people.
Mark: Uh-huh.
Pedro: They fight (fought) for many many years…five hundred years…and the Spanish took a long time to go to the south. More and more. You know, the south is more new…developed than Santiago…and than the north of Chile and than Peru, no?
Mark: Uh-huh?
Pedro: Because in Peru (there) was the gold, no? The Spanish…the Spanish…
Kenni: …came…
Pedro: Is this good for you…this history?
Mark: The Spanish came for the gold. This is good. This is good.
Pedro: No, it is not boring…Maybe I am boring you?
Mark: I am not bored. I am not bored.
Pedro: Ok good. Ok ..when the Spanish came to South America, they liked gold. “Where is (the) gold?” (they said) You know? “If no gold, move, huh?”
Kenni: Money! Gold!
Mark: Uh-huh.
Pedro: We don’t need these things, this culture…these things.
Be: …other things, they were not interested in.
Pedro: Yes…and they moved all the time. First they went to Mexico. In Mexico (there was) a lot of gold.
Mark: Um-hmm.
Pedro:And they fight (fought) and many many many years, no?
Kenni: …and Peru as well.
Pedro: But they controlled very well the situation no? All (the rest of) South America was later, no?
Kenni: Yeah but not so much.
Pedro: And all the people all of the time said “Go to (the) south. Go to (the) south.” But go to south they don’t know…some were very clever people, no?
Mark: I have a book! I have a book! I want to show you a book!
Pedro: Wow! Freaky…Like in the stories, no? ha ha ha.
Be: What is your book about?
Mark: Spanish Peru.
Pedro: Wow!
Kenni: Spanish Peru.

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