A New Life in Mosquito City – Part 1 – Can I help you?

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Mosquito monument
at Wm Jas

At The Travel Agent

Mark: Hello.
The Travel Agent: Good afternoon, Sir. Can I help you?
Mark: Yes, please, I just quit my job. I am finished here. I want to get out of Japan. I want to go and live in Mosquito City. Can you sell me a ticket to Mosquito City?
The Travel Agent: Wait a minute. Let me just check on the computer…. Hi John, have you heard anything about Mosquito City? What? Oh! Have you got some tickets? Yes, John has got some tickets. I haven’t at the moment because it is a very popular place, but we can get you a ticket.
Mark: Ok. Is it a direct flight?
The Travel Agent: Yes, a direct flight.
Mark: I only want a one way ticket. I am not coming back.
The Travel Agent: No, you have to come back.
Mark: Can I throw away the other half of the ticket? Can I buy a return and then stay there? How can you stop me? I can do what I like. I am free. Once I get to Mosquito City, I can do what I like.
The Travel Agent: Well there are certain rules before you go … obviously by what you are saying and the way you are dealing with the situation, Sir, we are going to have to deny you…
Mark: You won’t sell me a ticket? Oh no I should have kept my big mouth shut.
The Travel Agent: You are a bit of an extremist.
Mark: How can I get to Mosquito City? If only I had kept my big mouth shut!

You can find part two here at this link!

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31 Responses to “A New Life in Mosquito City – Part 1 – Can I help you?”

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  1. Ann Wagner says:

    A great story. Slacker English teacher in Japan. I love it. My students seem to appreciate it also. Good for filler words, chunks, role playing.

  2. Ana Paula Sales says:

    It’s so good to practice a couple.

  3. samuel says:

    It is an interesting story, to practice

  4. Flora Nicole says:

    After liestening to this conversation (part 1), we will able to well use:
    – the auxiliary verb “can”
    – present perfect tense.
    – be going to + Verb
    We are also more experienced in talking with the travel agent.

  5. ram says:

    very useful conversation, please refer your friends or well wishers , those who are in need of this document.

  6. kalombi says:

    its evenful story for speak English but i intresting to read more thank yu every much

  7. Md.Rafiqul Islam says:

    it’s undoubtedly well for us..!

  8. noori says:

    that is very useful for me, i hope going on this subject.
    best for you

  9. it’s very helpful, I like it, but I can’t speak English well. I hope that it always easy to use or access. Thanks

  10. Jean j marc says:

    Marc have a good idea to visit the city but he said what he feels like
    why people travelers don’t tHink one day to come back
    why Marc asked for one way

  11. jebastin says:

    Its very useful everyone for learn to english
    Thank u much

  12. Nigger says:

    Ya, le gut one! I laughed alot

  13. sanjana says:

    nice like it to much

  14. Sebastian Lopez says:

    Hello everyone, I wanna talk with someone who knows a bit of english 🙂 my facebook is
    facebook.com/sebastianlopezappiolaza I’m from Argentina.

  15. Yebbie says:

    Thanks for the Audio Conversation…..actually it is very helpful…..please upload more….such kind of this understandable dialogue is very interesting to be learned…THANKS

  16. Ray says:


  17. brigi Herre says:

    Hi friends Please,could you explain to me,How I have to do for save the downloads in my Pc.Many Thanks.Brigi

  18. khanh dang says:

    Mark is the truth man, he had said what he wanted. So he could not buy a one way ticket.
    The meaning of this story that sometimes we should become a liar maybe good.

  19. komeil says:

    that was a short and enjoyable story, masny thanks.

  20. greatwork thanks says:

    great work, still need more.

  21. sakir says:

    my friends my facebook address is sakir dursun and mail address is sakir_dursun@hotmail.com . I wanna person who wants to talk english very much .thanks 🙂

  22. I would like to make friends to talk in English by means of Google talk. My email is fabrantes.alves@gmail.com

  23. In this story Mark realized that he had talked too much, that’s why he could not get the ticket

  24. ziba says:

    It is really helpful dialuge to learn english.
    In this dialuge Mark has faced to buy a one way thicket.
    He has right to buy but on the other hand he had to follow the rules or in other way dealing with the situation that travel agent gives him.

  25. filippo says:

    I think this history is very difficult to me. The people talk very fast.
    I can’t understand anything.

  26. Fábio de Lima Souto says:

    Wow, this story was really creative! It made me laugh so much. I loved the parts when Mark says: “I just quit my job. I am finished here. I want to get out of Japan” “How can you stop me? I can do what I like. I am free”


  27. NaiLao77 says:

    Hehe, good one. This would be fun to record dialogues like this. :o)

  28. yasmeen says:

    can you tell me about mosquito city because firse time i heard this name

  29. cinnamon says:

    it a very helpful, dialogue, now we don’t know mosquito city


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    A New Life in Mosquito City – Part 1 – Can I help you? – English Conversations

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