A New Life in Mosquito City – Part 1 – Can I help you?

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Mosquito monument
at Wm Jas

At The Travel Agent

Mark: Hello.
The Travel Agent: Good afternoon, Sir. Can I help you?
Mark: Yes, please, I just quit my job. I am finished here. I want to get out of Japan. I want to go and live in Mosquito City. Can you sell me a ticket to Mosquito City?
The Travel Agent: Wait a minute. Let me just check on the computer…. Hi John, have you heard anything about Mosquito City? What? Oh! Have you got some tickets? Yes, John has got some tickets. I haven’t at the moment because it is a very popular place, but we can get you a ticket.
Mark: Ok. Is it a direct flight?
The Travel Agent: Yes, a direct flight.
Mark: I only want a one way ticket. I am not coming back.
The Travel Agent: No, you have to come back.
Mark: Can I throw away the other half of the ticket? Can I buy a return and then stay there? How can you stop me? I can do what I like. I am free. Once I get to Mosquito City, I can do what I like.
The Travel Agent: Well there are certain rules before you go … obviously by what you are saying and the way you are dealing with the situation, Sir, we are going to have to deny you…
Mark: You won’t sell me a ticket? Oh no I should have kept my big mouth shut.
The Travel Agent: You are a bit of an extremist.
Mark: How can I get to Mosquito City? If only I had kept my big mouth shut!

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