Chakras: Energy Centres in the Human Body

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In this conversation, Pedro, Kenni, Mark and Be talk about energy centers in the body (chakras) and then start to sing. In their conversation they mention different parts of the body. Can you pick out the words which refer to parts of the body?

Mark: So Pedro you are going to show us…you are going to draw us a picture of some chakra..?
Pedro: Aah ok, ok, ok.
Kenni: Wow!…Good.
Mark: These are from India
Pedro: Yeah..but I don’t remember all the drawing because my memory is not so complete, but I think the first (one) is..
Kenni: I will try…
Mark: At the bottom?
Pedro: Yes it is at this point…this is very good because this is the ass…
Mark: Uh-huh.
Pedro: And this is the sex.
Mark: Uh-huh.
Pedro: …in the middle.
Be: The perineum. We call him in English…the perineum.
Kenni: (Spanish)(laughs)
Mark: That is the base chakra…the sacral chakra…
Pedro: It is the base and after that…more up…like in this part..
Be: Hara.
Pedro: Hara.
Kenni: Hara…hara.
Pedro: Down the…what do you say (for) this part of the body…umbligo?(Spanish)
Kenni: It is the navel.
Mark: Some people say there is one at the bottom, one at the genitals, and then one at the hara, and then one at the solar plexus…that is already two, three, four…
Be: Yeah, the solar plexus.
Mark: … five, six, seven, eight…I like eight because in the music the sa re ga ma pa da ni sa…if you sing your body…like if you mentally…sound it out..
Everybody: Sa re ga ma pa da ni sa (up the scale)
Be: (laughs)
Everybody: Sa ni da pa ma ga re sa (down the scale)
Pedro and Be: Sa re ga ma pa da ni sa
Everybody: Sa ni da pa ma ga re sa
Pedro: after that…
Everybody: SaSa ReRe GaGa MaMa PaPa DaDa NiNi SaSa…

SaSa nini dada papa mama gaga rere sasa

Use the internet to find out where the chakras are then draw a picture of the human body. Show the chakras and name the parts of the body where they are located.