Miyako’s Education – Part 8

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Miyako: Hi, John, how are you?
John: Okay. You?
Miyako: Pretty good. What’s up? Are you okay?
John: Yeah.
Miyako: What is it? Tell me. What’s wrong?
John: I like you but you have a boyfriend and I like Yumie too, but she has a boyfriend too.
Miyako: I see. I have a boyfriend, and Yumie has a boyfriend, but you don’t have a girlfriend. Do you feel lonely?
John: Yes, I do.
Miyako: But you have me. I am not your girlfriend, but I am your friend.
John: Yes, you are right. You are a good friend.

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6 Responses to “Miyako’s Education – Part 8”

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  1. Saleebaan says:

    Thank you very much for your English education.
    my name is saleebaan. I am from Somalia and I am here for English student.
    I am really very interesting for this English learning. Because is the best one and very useful for me.

    many thanks and warm greetings from me.

  2. Grean Apple says:

    John is planning to F***K Miyako… but she didn’t get it

  3. Sometimes friendship is nicer than love story

  4. mamdouh says:

    i think after a short time i will be able to improve my languages

  5. Ng?c says:

    oh, John, don’t be sad, You still have us, we love you <3 😉

  6. waqas says:

    please send me books for english language skill so that i can work in office easily

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