Miyako’s Education – Part 9

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John: I am lonely. I feel lonely. I feel really lonely. I live in Japan but I don’t speak Japanese. I study at a Japanese university but I don’t understand anything. People are nice, but I am still lonely. Everybody is kind, but I feel lonely. Miyako is nice, but she has a boyfriend. Yumie is nice, but she has a boyfriend. I want a girlfriend. I need a girlfriend. Where can I find a Japanese girlfriend?
Hiroko: Hello. Who are you? Do you speak Japanese?
John: I speak a little Japanese, but I don’t understand much.
Hiroko: Are you a student?
John: Yes, I am. I study Japanese. Are you a student too?
Hiroko: Yes. Where do you come from?
John: I come from Australia. What do you study and where do you come from?
Hiroko: I study English and I come from Kyushu?
John: What’s your name?
Hiroko: Oh, I’m sorry. My name is Hiroko.
John: It’s nice to meet you Hiroko.
Hiroko: It’s nice to meet you too, John. Sit down.