Musical Scales

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Musicians at Lake Pichola, Udaipur
at Dey

Mark and Pedro and Be and Kenni are comparing Indian music and western music.

Mark: Hello everybody. I am just sitting here with Kenni and Pedro and Be and me, Mark. Be and I (are) from Australia and Kenni and Pedro are from Chile. And we were talking about music. Pedro, you were talking about do re mi and sa re ga..can you?..What are these notes here? What are these notes?
Pedro: Sa re..the harmonic this…different sounds…eight sounds…and you have…do re mi fa so la si do.
Everybody: Do Si La So Fa Mi Re Do
Pedro: In India, you have the same, no?…because you have other words but the same sounds…
Be: Different syllables…different syllables for the same notes. In India they use Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Da Ni Sa…
Mark: Different names for the same thing.
Be: Exactly. Shall we sing…the Indian way of singing the harmonic scale?
Mark: Let’s sing. Let’s sing!
Everybody: Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Da Ni Sa…Sa Ni Da Pa Ma Ga Re Sa.
Pedro : Two times.
Everybody: Sa re ga ma pa da ni sa…Sa Ni Da Pa Ma Ga Re Sa.
Pedro: And now we change a little and we use ‘la’
Everybody: La la la la la la la la. La la la la la la la la.
Pedro: Two times.
Everybody: La la la la la la la la (up the scale)…la la la la la la la la (down the scale)
Mark: Wow!
Be: Thank you for the singing lesson, Pedro.
Kenni: Yeah.
Pedro: It is really the first part…it is very…more long, no?…because they use this to clean the…what do you say?
Kenni: The throat.
Pedro: The throat because first you need to clean and after that you make your exercise and after that you sing for a show or something…
Be: Exactly!…It is a preparation exercise (a warm-up exercise).
Pedro: Preparation…this kind of exercise.
Be: For the voice…
Pedro: And you clean…you clean…after that maybe half an hour…maybe one hour…
Be: Your voice becomes in better condition…
Pedro: Yes, and you clean these muscles inside…very good exercise…it is a kind of yoga, no….because you inhale and exhale…