A New Life in Mosquito City – Part 3 – The Disguise

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Mark: Ok, Now I have got a beard and mustache and a hat. I am going to go back into that travel agent and try to buy a ticket again. Here goes!

Mark: Hello.
The Travel Agent: Hello, Sir. Hello again. Can I help you?
Mark: Ah. Sorry?
The Travel Agent: Hello again. Nice to see you again. Can I help you, Sir?
Mark: I have never been here before in my life. What do you mean “Hello again?”
The Travel Agent: Oh! I thought you were somebody who I met previously…
Mark: No! I have never seen you before in my life.
The Travel Agent: …who has now decided to go to a fancy dress party…
Mark: No, no, no.
The Travel Agent: …Oh sorry, a Halloween party, is it?
Mark: I have never seen you before in my life.
Travel Agent: Wait a second. I will just go and get a …aah …sorry (on the telephone) Can I have security, please? Thank you. Bring three. Three.
Mark: Hello. Hello. I would like to buy a ticket to Mosquito City, please.
The Travel Agent: Well, Sir. If you just wait a minute. Oh, hello. Mr Johnson and Mr Jeeves (who are) standing (on) either side of you are security men that (who) want you to leave, Sir!
Mark: What is going on?
Travel Agent: You are disturbing people. Look the lady over there has fainted!
Mark: I will get my ticket somewhere else. Good-bye or should I say “Sayonara?”
The Travel Agent: You can say what you like as long as you leave the building.
Mark: Sayonara.
The Travel Agent: Goodbye!

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