A New Life in Mosquito City – Part 3 – The Disguise

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Mark: Ok, Now I have got a beard and mustache and a hat. I am going to go back into that travel agent and try to buy a ticket again. Here goes!

Mark: Hello.
The Travel Agent: Hello, Sir. Hello again. Can I help you?
Mark: Ah. Sorry?
The Travel Agent: Hello again. Nice to see you again. Can I help you, Sir?
Mark: I have never been here before in my life. What do you mean “Hello again?”
The Travel Agent: Oh! I thought you were somebody who I met previously…
Mark: No! I have never seen you before in my life.
The Travel Agent: …who has now decided to go to a fancy dress party…
Mark: No, no, no.
The Travel Agent: …Oh sorry, a Halloween party, is it?
Mark: I have never seen you before in my life.
Travel Agent: Wait a second. I will just go and get a …aah …sorry (on the telephone) Can I have security, please? Thank you. Bring three. Three.
Mark: Hello. Hello. I would like to buy a ticket to Mosquito City, please.
The Travel Agent: Well, Sir. If you just wait a minute. Oh, hello. Mr Johnson and Mr Jeeves (who are) standing (on) either side of you are security men that (who) want you to leave, Sir!
Mark: What is going on?
Travel Agent: You are disturbing people. Look the lady over there has fainted!
Mark: I will get my ticket somewhere else. Good-bye or should I say “Sayonara?”
The Travel Agent: You can say what you like as long as you leave the building.
Mark: Sayonara.
The Travel Agent: Goodbye!

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5 Responses to “A New Life in Mosquito City – Part 3 – The Disguise”

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  1. Khalid says:

    Intersting story and full of new vocaublary.so everyboday can communication with my on my skype only in english.

    My Skype: khalid.noor2011

  2. ziba says:

    Mark was disguised himself by beard and mustach.when he went to the travel agent that he had gone before the guy in travel agent knew him then he called to security guard to come.The security men who are standing either side of mark that want him leave there.The only thing mark could say was sayonara.

  3. Marco says:

    japanese travel agents are very repressive places.
    you can go to japan and don’t know if you can get back…

  4. ojieea says:

    nice..thanks a lot!!

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