50 Responses to “Easy English 6 – Can you speak English?”

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  1. Ibrahin says:

    Yes i can but i need more

  2. mohammed amine says:

    I can speak a little English but I need a little more practice.

  3. Jhonny says:

    I am from Guarenas-Venezuela. I can speak English approximately. help me!!

  4. Daisy says:

    I want to speak EL fluently. Can anyone help me do it better? 🙂

  5. sofia cadillo says:

    I can speak a little English but I need a little more practice.

  6. Ignacio says:

    My english is very very very very poor.. But with this page I will improve. I think so.

  7. i can not speak english very well. but i want to improv english

  8. dini says:

    I can not speak english very well, but i want to improve my english.

  9. foad says:

    who can speak english witm me?

  10. foad says:

    hi there everybody!i can speak english well.

  11. jsh says:

    I can speak little english.

  12. ronakorn says:

    Yes, I can speak English.

  13. ling says:

    yes, i want to improve my English

  14. wafi says:

    Yes, I can speak english very well

  15. Turia says:

    Is anyone want to speak English??..,because I need someone to speak to…..otherwise I can learn or improve my English

  16. muhtar says:

    If someone think make a frind with me ..send a message my E-mail; uyghurogli2010@yahoo.com.cn

  17. muhtar says:

    Yes, I can….

  18. lolita says:

    I can but a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiittle bit

  19. Riana says:

    yes I can, but a little ^.^
    i hope i can speak english very well ^_^

  20. hugo says:

    Yes I can. Y wish to speak english very well

  21. R.S.K. says:

    YES SIR.
    I CAN SPEAK in English.but i can’t speak flenty english.
    I learn in English everyday.NOW I know my knoleg some improve sir.
    thank you.

  22. filippo says:

    Yes I can speak english a little. I was born in Italy, but now I am living in Brazil. If you wouldlike write to me, please this is my adress. filippo_italo@yahoo.com.br

  23. Ingrid says:

    Hi congratulations this is really good to teach English I enjoy with my students. Thanks.

  24. YINYINHTWE says:


  25. vasile says:

    yes. I speak litlle English

  26. dzung says:

    thankyou so much

  27. Hema says:

    yes,I can speak English

  28. Galina says:

    Is there anybody from England here? I’d like to make friends with a woman about 50 years old. May be she wants to speak Russian.

  29. Deyar says:

    yes,I can speak English.But I want to be a native speaker.
    What I need to do?.please help me.

  30. gamar says:

    Yes,I can speak little English

  31. shaima aburas says:

    yes. i can speak little english.

  32. alora says:

    Yes.I can.

  33. zelia says:

    Yes . I can. I speak a little English.

  34. it is good and the best

  35. farzana says:

    oh its nice

  36. yasmeen says:

    Thanks for help.

  37. nesrine says:

    yea this what i need a native speaker

  38. kottees says:

    hi this is very useful to us

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