Easy English 7 – Do you understand?

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Do you understand?
Do you understand now?
Do you understand me?
Do you understand him?
Do you understand her?
Do you understand them?
Do you understand everything?
Do you understand English?
Do you understand Mandarin?
Do you understand Japanese?
Do you understand Maori?
Do you understand Apache?
Does he understand?
Does she understand?

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20 Responses to “Easy English 7 – Do you understand?”

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  1. sofia cadillo says:

    Yes I understand English but I think I need practice talking cause I get nervous when I talk.

  2. salwa says:

    Yes, I do thanks so much

  3. jsh says:

    I understand a little English, but I need to try alone.

  4. ling says:

    Yes, I understand

  5. hugo says:

    Yes I understand

  6. TheAnh says:

    I understand all of this lesson

  7. hero_hont says:

    Yes, I understand about this problem/

  8. YINYINHTWE says:


  9. shantha says:

    yes i understood is it correct

  10. salwa says:

    Yes I understand all of this lesson .
    Thanks so much..

  11. yes i understand all thing

  12. Hema says:

    yes, i understand.

  13. shaima aburas says:

    yes, i understand.

  14. alora says:

    Yes, I all understand.

  15. zelia says:

    I understand a little English but I need to understand a little more.

  16. zelia says:

    Yes I understood this lesson.

  17. gloria says:


  18. yasmeen says:

    These are very good quetion for me.


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