Miyako’s Education – Part 11

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Hiroko: Where in Kyoto do you live?
John: I live near Kyoto University. Do you know Kyoto University?
Hiroko: Yes, I do. It’s very famous. Do you live near the Silver Temple?
John: Yes, I do. The Silver Temple is about ten minutes from my place. It’s about ten minutes on foot.
Hiroko: I want to go to the Silver Temple. Take me to the Silver Temple.
John: Sure. Do you like temples?
Hiroko: Yes, I do. I like history. Kyoto has lot of history and a lot of beautiful temples. I want to see the Silver Temple and the Golden Temple and Kiyomizu Temple and…I want to see all the temples!
John: I want to see the temples too. I am interested in Japanese culture. Please teach me about Japanese history and religion and culture.

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  1. fahs says:

    i wanna go to jappan too

  2. Md. Wali Ullah says:

    Please give me tense web side

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