A New Life in Mosquito City – Part 4 – The Boat

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Mark: Well, I can’t get a plane ticket to Mosquito City. I am going to go down to the ocean and try and find a boat. I am going to get to Mosquito City by boat. Ok. Lets see. Here we are now. Here is the ocean and here are the ships. I am gonna… There is a sailor there. I am going to ask that sailor if he knows where I can find a boat to Mosquito City.
Mark: Excuse me!
Sailor: Yeah. What do you want, mate?
Mark: I am going to..I want to go to Mosquito City.
Sailor: Mosquito City. Oh! Wow! Well, its a great place, Mosquito City, mate!
Mark: You have been there?
Sailor: Oh, yeah. My wife lives there.
Mark: Really?
Sailor: Yeah.
Mark: And you live there too?
Sailor: Yep. I live there too.
Mark: But you are a sailor so you…
Sailor: I am a sailor. We do importing and exporting from Mosquito Island.
Mark: Mosquito City?
Sailor: Oh City. Yeah. It is on an island. You know that don’t you?
Mark: Ok, ok, so I want to go there. Can I go (there) on your boat?
Sailor: No, but if you walk about a mile to your left.
Mark: A mile. What is that in kilometers?
Sailor: Oh I do not know. Its about..how many kilometres is that?
Mark: 1.2, is it?
Sailor: Something like that.
Mark: So I walk about 1.2 kilometers in that direction… this direction?…that direction?
Sailor: Yeah, that direction.
Mark: That direction! Ok.
Sailor: And you will come across a big banana boat.
Mark: A banana boat.
Sailor: In the docks.
Mark: Ok.Ok.
Sailor: . And … yeah, just ask for John. He is a friend of mine. Ok? He will take you there.
Mark: Ok. Ok. Good on yer.
Sailor: And it should take you about three hours to get there. It is not far. You can almost see it. If you look over here… See that?
Mark: Ok. Ok. I am going. I am going.
Sailor: See the seagulls?
Mark: This way! John! John!
Sailor: All the seagulls are going there.
Mark: Ok. John! John!
Sailor: Yeah.
Mark: Ok. I’ll go. Thanks a lot. What is your name?
Sailor: Frederick.
Mark: Nice to meet you, Frederick. My name’s Mark.
Sailor: Hi. Nice to meet you, mate. Yeah.
Mark: Sayonara.
Sailor: Say “Hello” to my wife when you get there.
Mark: Sayonara.
Sailor: Cheers.

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