A New Life in Mosquito City – Part 4 – The Boat

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Mark: Well, I can’t get a plane ticket to Mosquito City. I am going to go down to the ocean and try and find a boat. I am going to get to Mosquito City by boat. Ok. Lets see. Here we are now. Here is the ocean and here are the ships. I am gonna… There is a sailor there. I am going to ask that sailor if he knows where I can find a boat to Mosquito City.
Mark: Excuse me!
Sailor: Yeah. What do you want, mate?
Mark: I am going to..I want to go to Mosquito City.
Sailor: Mosquito City. Oh! Wow! Well, its a great place, Mosquito City, mate!
Mark: You have been there?
Sailor: Oh, yeah. My wife lives there.
Mark: Really?
Sailor: Yeah.
Mark: And you live there too?
Sailor: Yep. I live there too.
Mark: But you are a sailor so you…
Sailor: I am a sailor. We do importing and exporting from Mosquito Island.
Mark: Mosquito City?
Sailor: Oh City. Yeah. It is on an island. You know that don’t you?
Mark: Ok, ok, so I want to go there. Can I go (there) on your boat?
Sailor: No, but if you walk about a mile to your left.
Mark: A mile. What is that in kilometers?
Sailor: Oh I do not know. Its about..how many kilometres is that?
Mark: 1.2, is it?
Sailor: Something like that.
Mark: So I walk about 1.2 kilometers in that direction… this direction?…that direction?
Sailor: Yeah, that direction.
Mark: That direction! Ok.
Sailor: And you will come across a big banana boat.
Mark: A banana boat.
Sailor: In the docks.
Mark: Ok.Ok.
Sailor: . And … yeah, just ask for John. He is a friend of mine. Ok? He will take you there.
Mark: Ok. Ok. Good on yer.
Sailor: And it should take you about three hours to get there. It is not far. You can almost see it. If you look over here… See that?
Mark: Ok. Ok. I am going. I am going.
Sailor: See the seagulls?
Mark: This way! John! John!
Sailor: All the seagulls are going there.
Mark: Ok. John! John!
Sailor: Yeah.
Mark: Ok. I’ll go. Thanks a lot. What is your name?
Sailor: Frederick.
Mark: Nice to meet you, Frederick. My name’s Mark.
Sailor: Hi. Nice to meet you, mate. Yeah.
Mark: Sayonara.
Sailor: Say “Hello” to my wife when you get there.
Mark: Sayonara.
Sailor: Cheers.

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  1. ziba says:

    I hope Mark has found a good way to get there.He found a good guy that he gave him a nice direction to find one of his friends that he will take mark to Mosquito city by boat and it takes about three hours to get there it is not far.

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