Bangkok during the Vietnam War

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Mark asks Tony about his experiences in Bangkok during the Vietnam War.

: I didn’t go to Vietnam. I was in the air force.
Mark: Right.
Tony: They had a few bases in Vietnam but they had like six or seven air bases here. They had a few army bases here too but the majority was air bases here.
Mark: Oh so you were here?
Tony: Yeah, Southeast Asia…yeah…so it was all considered war zone. We got a year here.
Mark: What year was that?
Tony: Sixty-seven. Sixty-eight..That was in the golden years.
Mark: Why why golden?
Tony: Because aah I guess golden because of my youth…and golden because it was just at the beginning of the influx of western culture…
Mark: Ok.
Tony: …heavily…aah..
Mark: So Bangkok was really different?
Tony: It was really different. It was still a pretty big city and they had buildings that were eight nine stories high at least…that accommodated the military for sleeping I mean they had all the adequacies of hot water and shit.