A New Life in Mosquito City – Part 5 – About Three Hours

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Mark: Ok so that’s one ..I have gone about a mile now so I must be pretty close. That boat there! Hey, there is a man! Excuse me.
John: Yes. What do you want?
Mark: My name is Mark. Are you John?
John: I am John. Yeah.
Mark: Nice to meet you.
John: Nice to meet you.
Mark: Nice to meet you. (shaking hands)
John: Good to meet yer, mate.(shaking hands)
Mark: Nice to meet you.
John: What can I do for you?
Mark: I want to go to Mosquito City.
John: Mosquito City?! Oh that’s great.
Mark: Ok.
John: I love Mosquito City.
Mark: Do you work on this boat?
John: It is my boat.
Mark: And are you going to Mosquito City?
John: I am going to Mosquito City.
Mark: Will you take me there?
John: I will take you there.
Mark: How much?
John: Well. I don’t know. It only takes about three hours you know but I think maybe ..aah…
Mark: How much? How much?
John: Ah. Just give us a hundred dollars.
Mark: A hundred dollars? A hundred bucks? Ok. Here you are.
John: Thank you very much.
Mark: Ok. When do we leave?
John: Well, we leave now.
Mark: Ok. Let’s go.
Sailor: Get on.
Mark: Let’s go.

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  1. meseret says:

    Really I like it good conversation thank u for helpful me …..thanks so much

  2. meseret says:

    Wow thank u for help good teacher

  3. James Campbell says:

    That was a lousy attempt at a Brummie accent! But the dialogue’s good – I’m going to use it with a student.

  4. Divya says:

    Great Conversation…Thank u Mam….

  5. Radhash says:

    Cool conversation concept to learn English more easily!
    (It helped me to imagine about the exact situation, what was going on ?) I’m not a beginner nor an intermediate but I still believe I’m on the right track to learn ‘Beautiful English Language’. At the early stages I struggled a lot to attain the good essence of this linguistic but now I could be able to strongly believe that currently I can make my own sentences, emails so and so. Listen and read technic helped me a lot and whatever readable stuff I get, I don’t hesitate to swipe my gazing all through the alphabets to gain knowledge to get rid of spelling errors. … Thanks a lot everyone else who read this and whoever else helped me in this regard…. feeling liberal

  6. P Mario says:

    Very interesting.
    Thank you!

  7. qasim says:

    i love this
    its really helpful to me thanxxx alot

  8. ojieea says:

    great..i like real conversation,it really helpful my speaking. thanks!!

  9. hassan sobhy says:

    Traveling by airport

  10. amit says:

    Thanks Man, U have posted great conversations, i red your all conversations, keep it up…

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