Miyako’s Education – Part 12

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Pontocho Robin
at panduh

Miyako: Hello, John. How are you today?
John: Good. I feel great.
Miyako: Oh, I’m glad to hear that. What is new? Do you have a girlfriend yet?
John: Maybe. I have a new friend. Her name is Hiroko. She comes from Kyushu originally but she lives in Otsu. She studies English and she speaks English really well. She likes history and we want to go to lots of famous temples together.
Miyako: That’s good news. I am happy.
John: I am happy too.
Miyako: I am happy that you are happy.
John: Thank you. How is your boyfriend? Is he still in America?
Miyako: Yes, he is but he is not my boyfriend now. He has a new girlfriend. He has an American girlfriend now.

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