Working as an Engineer

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Mark talks to Tony about a job in Kuwait

Mark: What kind of job in Kuwait?
Tony: Oh it would be ahh…well…it could be a number of things…in…civil engineering…you know…maintenance on the base…maintenance on the base, you know…evaluating contracts.
Mark: Are you a civil engineer?
Tony: Well I am not a engineer as in a graduate engineer but I am an engineer as far as managing construction projects, but having a degree as an engineer, no.
Mark: Right.
Tony: Yeah…but working in that background…under an engineer, yes. I would manage…you know…manage the job…or whatever.

Do you know Abraham Vortik the robot engineer?

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  1. denvitroy says:

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  2. M.Rajasekhar says:

    This website is very interesting and very good keep it!And the stories in this are very well!!!

  3. Nurzhan says:

    Thank you for such a useful material!

  4. Bawan says:

    hi im t.S.Bawan

    im in srilanka i need job to kuwait

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