A New Life in Mosquito City – Part 6 – About Two and a Half Hours

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Mark: Well, here I am on John’s banana boat and we are speeding across the ocean towards Mosquito City. We will be there soon. I am going to go into the wheelhouse and have a yarn to John.
Mark: Gidday John.
John: How are doing? All right?
Mark: Alright.
John: Are you having a good ride?
Mark: Yeah, I am having a great time.
John: Ah. It is a lovely day,isn’t? All those black clouds above us.
Mark: Yes. Did you see the dolphins and the flying fish before?
John: No. You saw them, did you?
Mark: Yes, at the bow there.
John: Wow! Have you seen this tattoo? I have got a dolphin on my tattoo.
Mark: Wow! Dolphins are great, aren’t they? I love dolphins. So. How? (When) will we be there? So how far is it now?
John: Well, what do you think? You can see it in front of you.
Mark: Right. Ok. How long will it take?
John: Maybe about another two and a half hours.
Mark: Right.
John: If we don’t run out of fuel. We could run out of fuel actually. I forgot to load the fuel on.
Mark: Oh no! What are we going to do?
John: I have got some fishing rods. Do you like fishing? We could do some fishing.
Mark: Yeah I like fishing. If we run out of fuel, what will we do?
John: Fishing.
Mark: Fishing?
John: Yeah, you can catch a fish for me.