Miyako’s Education – Part 13

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No smoking inside..
at Crowe Lee

John: Do you smoke, Miyako?
Miyako: Usually I don’t smoke but I am smoking now.
John: Why are you smoking?
Miyako: I feel sad. I feel depressed.
John: Why are you sad?
Miyako: My boyfriend doesn’t like me any more. I like him but he doesn’t like me. I love him but he doesn’t love me. He likes some American girl.
John: Are you jealous?
Miyako: Yes, I am. I am jealous. I am very jealous.
John: You poor thing. You are fantastic, You are really great and your boyfriend is stupid. Why doesn’t he want you? You are clever and funny and beautiful! Why does he like that American girl? He is crazy!
Miyako: I don’t know! She is better than me!
John: She is not better than you! You are the best! You are the greatest!