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  1. mariam says:

    I’m mariam i live in morocco with my kids

  2. huma Aamir says:

    I am huma i live in pakistan

  3. upam says:

    I’m Upam Ojha from India.

  4. Jhonny says:

    I am living in Guarenas city-Venezuela. If you come here, you will welcome!

  5. Cecy says:

    I live in El Salvador with my parents

  6. Ignatius says:

    I’m living in Argentina with my dog, my cat and my parrot. xD

  7. Ani says:

    I live in Pakistan with my family.

  8. Mark White says:

    I live on earth but sometimes I visit other planets.

  9. veeru says:

    every one live on earth only hahaaaaaaaa…………..

  10. zaldeeho says:

    I live in Jakarta.

    Thank you sir, I like this web, for easy lesson to improve my english well.

  11. marvin says:

    I live in Guatemala. Antigua Guatemala city

  12. saman says:

    hi i live in waslall
    Where does he live? he lives birmmingham
    Where does she live? she lives wov

  13. zul says:

    hi, i live in mongolia

  14. ling says:

    I live in a house

    • Dmitriy says:

      Hm Do you mean, the cleaning up of the tnidatiorally urban space? And/or the planting of large grassy lawns around the museums? The waterfront reminded me of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor (a very cleaned-up port), but the large expanses of grass in front of both the Hall of Fame and the Science Museum were a surprise!

  15. sayanora says:

    I live in India

  16. MAURICE huguedor says:

    i live in HAITI

  17. Gabo says:

    im live in reynosa

  18. Flory says:

    I live in Bucharest with my brother and my sister.

  19. Mojtaba says:

    I live in Iran.

  20. JOSE MIGUEL says:


  21. hugo says:

    I live in Toluca, México.
    He lives in Brazilia.
    She lives in Madrid.
    They live in Toronto

  22. sara says:

    hello every one i live at home hh

  23. yo says:

    yo vivo en garcia

  24. muuna says:

    I life with may familty

  25. krizalid80 says:

    I live in Oaxaca, Mexico cool

  26. shantha says:

    I live in Karnataka which lies to the south of India.World famous HAMPI AND TEMPLES OF HOYSALA DYNASTY ARE SITUATED IN KARNATAKA.

  27. vijay says:

    i live in india my city is jodhpur(rajasthan).i am softwer engineer .ok bye

  28. Ajit says:

    i live inmira road

  29. filippo says:

    I live in Brazil, in a city called porto alegre-RS
    Here is very hot in summer. I love go to the beach in this weather!

  30. Baralwa says:

    I live in an asian country.
    She lives in an apartment.
    He lives in small house.
    Thay live in large house.

  31. saaid says:

    Hay I sow your message excuse me I well answer your question before sent me,

    I live in punt-land Somalia,

  32. shantha says:

    i live in blore.my sister livesin mysore.my brother lives in bosnia.they live in aaa.we live in baroda.lion lives in a cage.

  33. anouar says:

    i live in tunisia

  34. YINYINHTWE says:


  35. shantha says:

    I live in Bangalore.My sister lives in Mysore.My cousin brother lives in America.My in-laws(they)live in kodagu.we have been to kodagu many times.we enjoy the beauty of koorg.Have you ever been to India?

  36. hafed says:

    I leve in sanaa.yemen

  37. saaid says:

    friends I greet you after greeting i like to learn English and certainly that he is English language first of the world Another I am a Somali boy, who love to learn more humiliating but place, and learn every new technology needed for Somalia is a country crushed and wars in 24 hours

  38. Diane Conti Tuncay says:

    I live in Gaziantep, Turkey. I teach EFL.

  39. shela says:

    ilive in medan, indonesia

  40. Muh. Rasyid says:

    I live in Bau-Bau, Indonesia

  41. Hynek says:

    I live in Czech Republic.

  42. monjga says:

    l live in iran

  43. aziz says:

    Hello every one i live in Sudan

  44. Ershad Akmal says:

    I live in Bangladesh

  45. Hema says:

    i live in India
    he also live in India
    she also in India
    they also live in India

  46. ulmaa says:

    i live in ub

  47. Galina says:

    I live in Russia, in Moscow.

  48. shusi says:

    I Live in Jakarta, city of Indonesia

  49. hamid says:

    hi I live in germany

  50. zubair says:

    He lives in India
    She lives in Malaysia
    They live in Singapore

  51. zubair says:

    I live in Dubai

  52. gamar says:

    I live in Baku ,Azerbaijan

  53. shaima aburas says:

    i live in sudan.

  54. Pedro says:

    I live in Brasilia, Brazil

  55. alora says:

    I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  56. renato says:

    I live in argao

  57. yasmeen says:

    I live in Tandojam.
    She lives in Hut.
    He lives in small house.
    Thay live in tant.

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