A New Life in Mosquito City – Part 7 – We ran out of fuel

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(Storm noises)
Mark: Well, here I am. I am still on John’s boat. We have been drifting for two days. We ran out of fuel.
John: We haven’t run out of food yet. We have got plenty of food.
Mark: We have caught a few fish. We caught some nice fish.
John: We have done very well thank you very much.
Mark: We have got plenty of potatoes. and we have been eating fish and chips three meals a day for two days.
John: I think you are exaggerating, aren’t you? That is an exaggeration.
Mark: Well, we have only had fish and chips. What else did you eat?
John: Fish and chips. Yeah. You are right. But it is a good basic diet.
Mark: Do you think anyone is going to come and rescue us?
John: Well it is just a matter of waiting for the wind. We have got sails on the banana boat.
Mark: Ah we have got sails. Where are the sails?
John: Well we don’t need them at the moment because there is no wind. I think we are going to be here for maybe a couple more days. Is that ok?
Mark: I guess so.
John: Ok. Go and get the fishing rod out.
Mark: Ok.