Miyako’s Education – Part 14

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John: Hi Yumie, what are you doing?
Yumie: I am studying.
John: You are always studying.
Yumie: Yeah, I know. I am a good student. I want to pass my exams and I want to get a good job.
John: That’s good but you should enjoy your life too.
Yumie: Yeah, you’re right. What’s new?
John: Miyako is depressed.
Yumie: Really? Why? Why is she depressed? What’s wrong? Is it her boyfriend?
John: Yeah, that’s right. Her boyfriend has a new girlfriend. He has an American girlfriend. Miyako is really sad. She really loves him but he doesn’t love her. He likes this new girl.
Yumie: That’s terrible! I’ll call her. Do you know her number?
John: Yeah. It’s 090-4554-3936.