People and Places – Burke 1 – Grew up on the road?

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Mark: Did you say…? Burke! Did you say you were…? Did you say you grew up on the road?
Burke: Ahm. Well. Actually I grew up in the back of a backpack but that is because … I was born in … in West Africa.
Mark: Wow!
Burke: … in Kumasi, a small town in Ghana.
Mark: Uh-huh.
Burke: And left there when I was about two years old.
Mark: Uh-huh.
Burke: … went through Europe for about a year, with my parents, and then returned to Canada at the age of two and a half or three years old to Ontario. Toronto.
Mark: Wow!

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  1. Rajaee says:

    I am Rajaee.I was born in Yemen. I am working in private section

  2. Hello. I’m Eyobe. I was born in East Africa, Ethiopia. I grew up in bahir dar, beautiful city in Ethiopia where i studied and i still leave and work there.

  3. Rabani Ahmadzai says:

    I was born in Afghanistan.
    I am a math teacher

  4. Warsame says:

    Hello Everybody.

    I was born in Hargeisa Capital of Somaliland, its production depends on livestock, and has good weather.

  5. Jorge T says:

    Hi everybody:

    I was born in Lima – Peru, South America.
    I lived there until finish my studies (school and university even). After that I have been traveling around South America (Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil) for 10 years by work. Actually I live in Lima with my wife and children. Definitely nothing is compared to live in your own country with customs, friends, relatives, etc….

  6. P Mario says:

    Hello everybody.
    I was born in São Paulo City – Capital of the state of São Paulo – Brazil.
    São Paulo it’s the most important city in South América. It’s a big industrial city and how do we used to say: “The locomotive of Brazil.”

  7. hung nguyen xuan says:

    hi my name is Hung. I was born and grew up in Ha noi the capital of Viet Nam. ha noi is a big city in the north with 5 milions population and there are many famous landscape . people are very friendly. In 2008 I moved to Ho Chi Minh city for work for 2 years. Now I work in ha noi my family at there. Ho chi Minh city is biger and more dynamic than ha noi. It is on the south of viet nam. In viet nam there are 64 ethnic minorities and diversity culture and toursim and festivals in the year. If you have a chance to visit viet nam please do not forget to enjoy specialty food and street food..

  8. Nadhera says:

    Hello everybody!

    I’m Nadhera from Morocco. I was born in a small and quiet city named Ben ahmed which is located at about 70km away from Casablanca. When I graduated from hight school at the age of 19, I left it to join the university in El Jadida where I had spent about ten years between university studies and work. After that, I moved to Casablanca, which is the economic capital of Morocco, to join my current job.

    My familly are still living in my home town and I usually visit them once a month.

  9. Haimanot says:

    I was born Addis Ababa Ethiopia (in Africa) me and my family in Addis I am working now , i stady business management 3rd years

  10. Hue Tran says:

    Hi everybody. I am Hue. I was born in Nam Dinh province, Vietnam. I moved to Hanoi for studying and working. Nice to make friend!!

  11. Sedeak says:

    I was born in triboli it’ acapital city in libya. All my life stages were in the same city. All my family lives in the same place in the same capital city.

  12. Hi. all of u I am abdalla ahmed from somalia I am 22 yrs old I live in mogadishu and I was born in hargeisa Northern Somalia when the civil war happaned in my country I am flee from my home land and I decided to go in south africa I was staying there for 4yrs specially in Cape Town is a city in South Africa and I studyed their and I am also get ajob how ever I stay in mogadishu now

  13. sayed says:

    Hi and special greeting to all i was born in kabul city of Afghanistan Actually I grew up in the Afghanistan and many more countries actually when was immigration also i goon there school

    thank you

  14. shufol says:

    Hi everybady i am shufol, i am from Bangladesh and i was born in a beautiful village its in comilla district, i grew up there. i moved to chittagong city when i was only 5 and then i moved to dhaka when i was 7. dhaka is the capital of bangladesh , still i living in dhaka and serving for a humanitrain organization.

  15. noha radwan says:

    Hi everybody, my name is Noha Radwan from Egypt, i was born in a small village,at El Sharkia government, i grew up there. when i was 17 years old i left it. i moved to Cairo . it is the capital of Egypt . i moved to it for the education and work .

  16. bouzkri says:

    Hi brothers , my name is “Said” from morocco. I was born in Tinghir a smal city South East . I grew up there. When I was 24 years old I left Tinghir. I moved to marrakech in order to work.

  17. Cosme says:

    Hi. I’m Cosme. I was born in Manaus, Amazon, Brazil. I am 44 years old and grew up there. I live in the most forest of the world.

  18. Alajka Adam says:

    Hi there… I’m Alajka from Nigeria. I was born in Potiskum. When I was two years and half we move to Kaduna with my parent. Later, we then move to Lagos were I grew up. Meanwhile at the age of 24 I left Lagos to Abuja, where i currently based for now.

  19. Maha says:

    Hello. I’m Maha. I was born in North Africa, Algeria. I grewp up in Algiers, the capital of Algeria where i studied and i still leave and work there.

  20. Ahmed says:

    Hello my online friends, I’am Ahmed from somaliland. I was born in Sayla a small town in Somaliland in horn of Africa. when i was 10 years old i left and moved to Hargeisa, Hargeisa is the capital city of somaliland, actually i grew up in the forward unlike Burke kkkkkkkkkkkk

  21. Ayna says:

    Hello I am Ayna from India.I was born in kashmir a beautiful place in India.

  22. RODRIGO says:

    Hello there, my name is Rodrigo, I was born in a rural area of the south of Chile (South America), as my parents had to move many times for working reasons, I didn´t know the place where I was born (I think that that place has already disappeared). As my parents, after I started working I have moved many times, which has allowed me to learn about different kind of people. Now I live in Santiago, the capital of my country.

  23. raquel says:

    Hi everybody, I’m Raquel from Spain. I was born in Madrid a big city. It’s the capital of Spain. I grew up there. When I was 30 years old I left Madrid. I moved to Palencia in order to work.

  24. badarau says:

    My name is Mariana. I was born in Moldova. It’s small country in estern Europe. I grow up in Singerei, a village in Moldova.

    There I went to school. My parents didn’t move anywhere. They still live there. I moved from Moldova at 27 .

  25. Dang ju rui says:

    I was born in Taiwan.

  26. cristina Severo says:

    I was born in Alegrete,Rio Grande do Sul state,Brazil.
    I’m a pharmacist,retaired.

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