A New Life in Mosquito City – Part 9 – The Prison Cell

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Mark: Ok. Here I am. I am in a prison cell in Mosquito City and I have been here for about three or four hours now. They have given me some food and it is clean and it is a nice place. A big room with pictures on the walls and a nice view out the window. But I…Hallo Hallo. Somebody is coming. Hello.
Customs Officer: Hallo. Hallo. How are you doing? We are terribly sorry.
Mark: Yes?
Customs Officer: We are terribly sorry for keeping you and arresting you and all the inconveniences you have been through.
Mark: So I can go?
Customs Officer: Yes, you can go and we have even paid for your stay at the Grand Hotel.
Mark: Really?
Customs Officer: Yeah. Because we made a terrible mistake. We thought you were a smuggler.
Mark: Wow!
Customs Officer: So anyway just where my finger is pointing you will see a beautiful hotel and you have the penthouse suite at the top.
Mark: Wow! Ok. Right.
Customs Officer: You can stay there for a week.
Mark: Wow!
Customs Officer: We are so embarrassed.
Mark: Oh Wow!
Customs Officer: We are so sorry.
Mark: Wow! A week’s free accommodation.
Customs Officer: And have a great holiday!
Mark: Thank you. Bye.
Customs Officer: And also welcome to Mosquito Bay.
Mark: Thank you.

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