Miyako’s Education – Part 16

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Miyako: Hi Yumie. Thanks for coming. Thanks for taking care of me.
Yumie: It�’s my pleasure. You are a good friend. You are my best friend. What are you doing?
Miyako: I am not doing anything. I am just sitting here. I am just sitting here and thinking. I am just sitting here and thinking about Ryusuke.
Yumie: You are just sitting here and thinking about Ryusuke and crying! That’s no good. You have to stop! You poor thing!
Miyako: You are right. Where is John?
Yumie: He is in the cafeteria.
Miyako: What is he doing?
Yumie: I think he is studying Japanese.
Miyako: Is he okay?
Yumie: Sure, he is fine. He has no problems. He has a new girlfriend. He is very happy. He is ecstatic. You are not happy though. You are sad. You poor thing.
Miyako: I am okay. Don’t worry. Don’t worry about me. I am strong.
Yumie: Yes, I know. You are strong
Miyako: Yumie?
Yumie: Yes, what is it?
Miyako: I have a question.
Yumie: Uh-huh?
Miyako: Well, I am Japanese and you are Japanese.
Yumie: Yes, that’s right.
Miyako: Why are we speaking English?
Yumie: It’s John. He is Australian so we always speak English with him. He is learning Japanese but…he should be learning Japanese, but actually WE are learning English!
Miyako: Let’s speak Japanese.
Yumie: No, let’s not speak Japanese. Let’s speak English. We can speak Japanese later. English is useful. We need English. We should practise English. Let’s speak English! We can speak Japanese later!
Miyako: Wow! You study all the time. You are always studying!
Yumie: You are right! I am ambitious. I want to get ahead. I want to learn English. But speaking English is not studying. Speaking English is fun. Speaking English is communicating! It’s not really studying.
Miyako: I guess you are right. What are you doing after this?
Yumie: I’m going back to the cafeteria then I am going home. What are you doing?
Miyako: Actually, I want to go home now.
Yumie: Okay. Take care. See you tomorrow.