People and Places – Aaron 1 – “Actually he was born in Mississippi.”

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Mark: You were born in..What state were you born in, Aaron?
Aaron: I was born in Tennesee.
Mark: What part of Tennesee?
Aaron: Memphis, Tennesee.
Mark: Memphis, Tennesee. Right. That is where Elvis comes from.
Aaron: Actually, I believe he was born in Mississippi.
Mark: Was he?
Aaron: Yeah, originally and, um, he sort of took up residence in Memphis when he was doing all of his recording and performing.
Mark: Right.
Aaron: So that is where he based himself and he made, you know, “Elvis” synonymous with Memphis.
Mark: Right. Memphis that is a pretty big city, hey?
Aaron: Ahm. I don’t know a whole lot about Memphis. I would not call it a big city but I would call it a … I would say a small-sized big city.
Mark: It is kind of famous for music, isnt it?
Aaron: Yeah blues.
Mark: Country music?
Aaron: No, country music is more east Tennesee. Nashville.
Mark: Nashville. So is Memphis west Tennesee?
Aaron: Yeah, it is west Tennesee. It is right on the Mississipi River across from Arkansas and very close to Mississipi.
Mark: Across from Arkansas?
Aaron: Yeah.
Mark: Right next to Arkansas?
Aaron: Yeah, that is where Bill Clinton is from, actually.
Mark: And the capital of Arkansas is Little Rock, isn’t it?
Aaron: That is right.
Mark: Right. Ok.
Aaron: I believe I have an uncle living right there somewhere.
Mark: Right. I would like to go there.
Aaron: (laughs)
Mark: So you were born in….