A New Life in Mosquito City – Part 10 – The Hotel Receptionist

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Chancellor Hotel receptionist
at Pulseman

Mark: OK, so I was arrested and I was in a prison cell and now I am free and I have got a week’s free accommodation at the Grand Hotel. I am going to go and check in….Hello.
Receptionist: Hello Can I help you sir?
Mark: My name is Mark White and..
Receptionist: Hello Mark. How are you? Are you having a good time?
Mark: Yes, I am as a matter of fact.
Receptionist: Wonderful.
Mark: The man at the police station told me that I was to have a week’s free accommodation.
Receptionist: That is right.
Mark: You know about it?
Receptionist: Here is your key.
Mark: Oh thank you very much.
Receptionist: And the bellboy will take you up there. Have you got any luggage, sir?
Mark: No.
Receptionist: No, no luggage. No cases? OK.
Mark: They lost my luggage.
Receptionist: Just up those stairs.
Mark: OK thank you.
Receptionist: And have a wonderful time and if you need any help…(If you have) any problems, just give me a ring.
Mark: OK. Thank you. So what’s your name?
Receptionist: Rodney.
Mark: Rodney, Mark. (shaking hands)
Receptionist: Hello. (shaking hands)
Mark: Nice to meet you, Rodney. See you then.
Receptionist: Bye.

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  1. recai özcan says:

    Ä~+mn~ have wonderfull time with your veb-site.Ä~+mn~think it has not
    only recordings but also must be videos.tahanks for your
    works……recai özcan…… from south easth of turkey

  2. mareg says:

    ok to answer only ten any way it is good


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