Miyako’s Education – Part 17

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A bus driver waited outside
at shingo

John: How is Miyako?
Yumie: She is okay. She is better now.
John: What is she doing?
Yumie: She is going home. I guess she is on the bus now.
John: What are you doing?
Yumie: I am going home too.
John: Are you taking the bus?
Yumie: Yeah, I’m taking the bus and the train.
John: Me too. Let’s go.
Yumie: All right.

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  1. agusto says:

    yayayay i am realy like to learn this convertasion so i hope you will do your best……………

  2. ojieea says:

    means the real conversation help me to talk in naturally without translating thanks!!

  3. ojieea says:

    very useful to improve my speaking in common way,,thanks!!

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