Miyako’s Education – Part 18

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John: Hi Hiroko, it’s John. How are you?
Hiroko: I’m okay. How are you?
John: Good, thanks. What are you doing?
Hiroko: I’m not doing anything special. I’m just watching TV.
John: What are you watching?
Hiroko: It’s just a stupid game show.
John: Do you want to go to a movie?
Hiroko: Yeah, thanks. Which movie do you want to see?
John: Well, I can’t understand Japanese so it has to be an English movie.
Hiroko: That’s okay. You can listen to the sound and I can read the subtitles.
John: Great. Let’s meet downtown.
Hiroko: Okay. Where shall we meet?
John: Shall we meet on the corner of Shijo and Kawaramachi?
Hiroko: All right. What time do you want to meet?
John: Let’s meet at five o’clock. I think the movie starts at six.
Hiroko: Okay. See you at five. On the north-east corner, okay?
John: Okay. Ciao