Miyako’s Education – Part 19

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John: Hey Hiroko! How are you going?
Hiroko: Pretty good. Yourself?
John: Good. I feel like seeing a movie.
Hiroko: Me too. Which movie do you want to see?
John: I want to see Sixth Sense. Do you like Bruce Willis?
Hiroko: Yeah, I like him.
John: I don’t usually like him, but Miyako says it is good.
Hiroko: Who is Miyako?
John: She is a friend.
Hiroko: Just a friend? Do you mean a friend or a girlfriend?

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5 Responses to “Miyako’s Education – Part 19”

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  1. nimeh qaraqra says:

    hi, you are wright ,because i think that most people nowadays trendence to abbreviation.so they expression is wassup?.

  2. Mark White says:

    Hi Lucky,

    Yeah, you can use both. You can also say “How are you going?”, which is very common in Australia.

    Nowadays a lot of Americans say: “What’s up?” or “Wassup?”
    and answer: “Not much”.

    A lot of Brits say: “Alright?” and the answer is “Alright.”

    cheers Mark

  3. lucky says:

    hi mark,

    which expression is right “how are you doing?” or “how’s it going” can we use both expressions?


  4. Mark says:

    It is a common expression in australia and New Zealand.

  5. Teacher says:

    Where is the expression, “How are you going?”

    The expressions I know are “How are you doing?”
    and “How’s it going?”

    “How are you going?” isn’t an expression in American

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