Miyako’s Education – Part 20

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John: Hi Miyako. How do you feel today?
Miyako: Much better, thanks. How are you doing?
John: Oh, all right, I guess.
Miyako: What is it? What’s wrong? Is everything okay?
John: Oh, Hiroko and I are not getting on.
Miyako: Really? How come? What’s the problem?
John: Well, she is really jealous.
Miyako: In what way?
John: Well, if I talk about you, she gets jealous. If I talk about other girls, she gets jealous?
Miyako: Do you talk about other girls a lot?
John: No, not really. Of course, I talk about my friends. You are my friend so I mention you in conversation sometimes, but when I do that she gets jealous and she loses her temper and she gets really angry.
Miyako: What does she do when she loses her temper?
John: Well, first she sulks, then she yells at me, then she sulks again. Then she won’t talk to me.
Miyako: That’s a pity.
John: Yeah. What should I do?
Miyako: I guess you should be kind and patient with her.
John: Yeah, I suppose so. But it’s hard.
Miyako: Hang in there. Maybe she will change.
John: I hope so.