Miyako’s Education – Part 21

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John: Hi, Hiroko. Are you okay?
Hiroko: Yes, I’m fine. John?
John: Yes?
Hiroko: I’m sorry I was angry.
John: That’s okay. I know how you feel.
Hiroko: I was jealous. All my friends live in Kyushu. I don’t have good friends here. You are my boyfriend and I depend on you a lot. I really like you.
John: I really like you too, Hiroko. You are a really interesting person. You know a lot of interesting things and I like talking with you.
Hiroko: But I am not so pretty. You are really handsome. You should have a better girlfriend than me. You should find someone who does not get jealous and angry.
John: Everybody gets jealous and angry sometimes. It’s natural. It’s human. Forget it.
Hiroko: But, it’s childish. I don’t want to be childish. I want to be mature.