Miyako’s Education – Part 22

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John: Hi, Miyako. What are you up to?
Miyako: I’m reading.
John: What are you reading?
Miyako: It’s a book about education.
John: What’s it called?
Miyako: It’s called Education is Ecstasy. Ecstasy is a drug, isn’t it?
John: Yeah, but it’s also a feeling. It means really happy. ‘Ecstatic’ is the adjective. Are you reading the book in English?
Miyako: Yeah, it’s really hard too. I have to look up a lot of words in the dictionary.
John: Do you write the new words down?
Miyako: Yes. I write them down on a piece of paper then I put the paper in the book.
John: That’s a good idea. Oh, I have a class. I better go. See you.
Miyako: See you later.

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