People and Places – Annette 1 – Where are you from?

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Mark: What’s your name?
Annette: Annette.
Mark: Annette. And where are you from, Annette?
Annette: I’m from Denmark.
Mark: Oh really? What part of Denmark?
Annette: Jutland.
Mark: Jutland. That’s near…that’s on the European mainland?
Annette: Yeah, kind of.
Mark: Close to Germany?
Annette: Yeah, it is.
Mark: Can you speak German?
Annette: Yeah.
Mark: OK.
Annette: A little bit.
Mark: A little bit.
Annette: Yeah.
Mark: Ok, thanks a lot.

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  1. peter orad says:

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  2. Djoko Sukalisno says:

    I am from Indonesia,thanks with your short conversation,see you on next lesson….

  3. Warsame says:

    Thanks, and well understandable lesson for English improvements

  4. sayed says:

    1-she was from Annette
    3- A little bit German

    thank you very much from that English conversation

  5. ioan says:

    The short conversations are very important for me .
    They needed me better learning english. Thanks.

  6. huma Aamir says:

    It is nice conversation but i will try becz i am not confidence i am afraid.

  7. Rain says:

    Hello guys,

    I’m V?, i from VN.

    NIce to meet all of you .

  8. GISELA says:

    Thanks you for his learning in English. I am very happy with this English course.

  9. Valere says:

    Again, thanks very much for this lesson. It really help me to improve my geographic but what about the money they use in this country?

  10. gursewak singh panesar says:

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  11. Abdul Jabbara says:

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  12. Pedro says:

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    Go ahead whith this.
    i think my english is better than past few months ago.


  13. jose says:

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  14. Huong Tran says:

    Thank you for your lesson 2 . It’s very useful for me .

  15. shahrzad says:

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  16. rumi ghozaly says:

    excatly,you’re the best….i should be a linguist cause of you….

  17. mohammadreza says:

    to understand better English,i need to speak to others online by your program .Is it possible?

  18. leen says:

    hello M.r mark
    i am intressting
    i want to ask you how i can learn english qickly

  19. leen says:

    My name is leen

    This conversation is too easy .

    I inretested too much.

  20. Ummu Hanin says:

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    thanks a lot for the lesson.

  21. amber says:

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  22. Howaida says:

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    I like this conversation very much I need more from it
    I enjoyed a lot of
    Thanks again

  23. budi says:

    tks, I am intereted, and I learn more about short story or somethink like that

  24. sadavee says:


    I’m from Laos. I like this conversation and it’s pretty easy to understand. I need to learn more a sort off these native english 🙂

  25. margarita says:

    hi, i am margarita from albania
    thanky very much for your lessons, again thank you very much and have a nice week !

  26. Danyal says:

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  27. Sunny says:

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  28. Mark White says:

    a colourful way of speaking
    an interesting way of speaking

    a fair bit
    quite a bit

    a thousand thank yous
    thank you very very very very much

  29. Valere BERAMBAYE says:

    I have heard all the conversation between Mark and Annette and I am forced to mark all of the transcript but in the end when Mark says OK, thanks a lot; I think I have heard Annette to say: yeah, isn’t she?

    It’s a very interesting part of lesson, as usual. I learned a lot of news vocabularies, the grammar rule and others things.

    But there are somes expressions I can’t understand clearly like: “colorful way of speaking”, “a fair bit” and “a thousand thank yous”.
    YOUS, it’s the first time I heard talking about it, could you explain me their meaning? Is there another rule of grammar for this term or it’s only a slang?
    See you later in the next lesson.

  30. sileshi d. says:

    it is impressing

  31. TYAS says:

    Hello Arron, how do you do ? thank a lot for sending me great conversation. it’s really helpful to improve my english skill. would you sent me more another conversation ? Thanks C… U

  32. sopandi says:

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  33. ahmet says:

    I like your course Aaron thanks 😀

  34. Andre says:

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    Thanks heaps for this great website.
    I’ve been learning more about Aussie English thanks to you.Cheers.Andre/Mongolia

  35. Mark White says:

    Hi Magda

    You wrote

    “check my message and tell me if THEY are well written”

    It should be “check my message and tell me if IT is well written)

    “It” is singular. “message” is singular.

    Not plural
    cheers Mark

  36. Mark White says:

    Hey Magda

    Thanks heaps for your feedback.

    “tell me if IT is well written, please. I’d really appreciate it.”

    Where are you? Spain or Latin America?

    • magda29 says:

      Hi, I’m from Mexico.
      Actually I didn’t undersatand what you mean with “IT” That’s why I can’t answer your question, if you can just let me know what you meant please.
      I’m just trying to have some practice ok?
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  41. somi says:

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  45. Ruby says:

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    • Aaron says:

      Nice to meet you Urbano. I spent a week in Oaxaca back in 1993 – what a beautiful place. I had a great time!

    • Ruben Cabrera Martinez says:

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